You’ve always intended a bathroom remodel, and now is the time.

You have a budget, and you have expectations. But are they compatible? This general guide should provide a basis to help you manage your endeavor and fulfill your ambitions successfully.


You’ve probably already begun to conceptualize. You know what you want, and you’re beginning to imagine how it should look. Naturally, you want functionality to be efficient. Consider what demands the bathroom must accommodate. How many people will use it? Does it need to have much storage space? How many years do you want to get out of it? Are there any medical issues that need to be catered to? Do you simply want to improve the cosmetics? You’ll most certainly have to bring in outside assistance in the form of a contractor, and possibly a designer. It’s all par for the course, and when the game is over you’ll revel in the satisfaction of achievement.


Naturally, you’ll need to do research. Without it, you may find yourself going way over budget. Establish a firm understanding of the costs of the varying levels of remodels. It may differ wildly, from as low as three grand to… depending on how ‘grand’ you’re willing to be, it could be upwards of $100,000! For safety’s sake, always calculate the total cost to be about 80% of your total budget. This way, any unforeseen expenses will be handled painlessly.


If you just desire a style update to make your bathroom more contemporary, simply replacing countertops, fixtures, and cabinetry may suffice. But if the home is older, you’ll need to deal with potential drawbacks such as dry rot and inferior plumbing. Be prepared for the worse.

If you’re going to sell the home and your remodel is of that purpose, anticipate what the modern buyer desires. Talk with people, get an idea of what is popular in your area, and seek out the necessary adjustments. Often this is the cheapest approach to a remodel, and potential buyers may have ideas of their own they plan to incorporate. But it’s gotta look nice to draw them in!

On the other hand, you may be looking to go all out. Everything must go! From the tub to the sinks, maybe even the windows, this amount of involvement requires more effort and of course, more money. You’ll have to pull everything out and start from scratch. But it’s all the means to an end. As in this case, the outcome being a completely different bathroom that thoroughly fulfills your vision.


Once you’ve established the basics, it’s time to determine who will help you achieve your goal. You may need to hire a professional. If you have no design-sense whatsoever, hire a designer – there’s no shame in that. Even if you have a good conceptual eye, a designer is likely to make suggestions that you haven’t thought of, and may be helpful in increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Few people are skilled enough to handle demolition, construction and installation, so finding the right contractor is necessary. You’re also dealing with plumbing and electrical work, so you want to find someone who can handle all aspects of your remodel. Once you’ve settled that, work with them to create a floor plan.

The Finer Details

Upon approval of the final design, it’s time to move forward. Now you can choose your aesthetic options – cabinetry styles, appliance styles, countertops and the inherent materials, colors and finishes. Your floor plan will map out the placement of it all. Depending on the level of remodel, expect the project to last anywhere between a few weeks to several months. Since you’ve already planned every detail, you should be able to accurately estimate the time needed specific to your job.

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There other important things to remember. For instance, be sure to file all estimates, quotes, receipts, contracts, and warranties somewhere safe. Also, keep any related product information that feature instructions on how best to care for the materials. You’ll also need to keep a list of any potential damage incurred during the remodel. Ideally, none will occur, but for the more lavish undertakings it is nearly inevitable. And that’s okay. It’s normal for mistakes to be made, you just want a record of it so you know whom to hold responsible.  

Ah, what a breath of relief you’ll exhale when it’s all said and done. Then you can concentrate on the accents that are the true final touches. It’s always fun to select accessories – towels, rugs, soap dishes, curtains and other decorative fare that combine to make a statement. Your remodel is a reflection of your vision realized!


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