There’s nothing simple or straightforward about finding “off-the-shelf” cabinets for your new kitchen project.

For starters, many of the commercially available kitchen cabinets are just not all that well-made or all that attractive. The wood used is subpar, often a combination of particleboard and veneer, and the finishes are rather weak and lackluster, too.

Secondly, you’re stuck with a cabinet layout decided by the manufacturer’s themselves. They’ll either have cabinets in the shape and size you’re looking for or they won’t – and your kind of at their mercy.

But that’s why we started the Best Online Cabinets shop all the way back in 2012.

With a singular goal of making online cabinet shopping as simple and as straightforward as possible, all we dreamed of doing (something we feel particularly proud of successfully pulling off) is helping homeowners, builders, and remodelers find the best cabinets for their project at affordable prices.

Over the past eight years the reputation that we have built up is something we are especially proud of, too. Our customers choose us time and time again to help them build the kitchen of their dreams with kitchen cabinets that “just fit” – all without ever breaking the bank.

Along the way, we’ve made sure to listen to our customers and our clients, too.

Almost immediately after we first started our operation in Los Angeles we were told time and time again that we should stop selling only cabinets made by other companies and instead down get into the cabinet manufacturing game ourselves.

Well, took is about two years to get up and running but in 2014 that’s exactly what we did!

We had the ground running with our own custom cabinetry factory that opened in China 2014. The success of that operation led us to open up another factory in Vietnam in 2018. This ramp-up in production allows us to offer our clients only the best cabinets at rock-bottom prices – with a solution better than anything you find “off-the-shelf”, too.

It’s always been our belief that kitchen cabinets are so much more than simple storage solutions or “eye candy” to set dress a room.

Instead, cabinets are incredibly functional pieces of architecture and furniture all at the same time. They change the way your kitchen looks and feels, they influence the movie and energy in a space, and can really take your kitchen to the next level.

The way we work without clients is a very collaborative process, too.

We want to make sure that all about clients are able to enjoy almost totally custom cabinetry that “just fits” the first time that it is installed, not only from a size and dimensionality standpoint (though we guarantee that is going to be dialed in) but from an aesthetics standpoint, too.

On top of that, we use only the highest quality construction materials available to make sure that your cabinets are going to last for years and years to come. No one wants to feel like there kitchen is going to look dated in a handful of years or that their cabinets are going start to fall apart.

Work with our Best Online Cabinets shop and that won’t ever a problem again!

All in all, if you’re sick and tired of coming across the same old kitchen cabinets available from every big-box hardware store, home design and home furnishings store, or from flatpack operations like IKEA we hope you’ll consider us moving forward.

Our success in the cabinetry world is entirely due to the customers and clients that trust us to handle something like this for them. We know we wouldn’t have been able to last a moment in business (let alone more than eight years) without putting our customers first and making sure that they are taking care of.

If you’d like any more information whatsoever, or just want to call us to schedule or purchase RTA/Pre-Assembled cabinetry without any trouble and hope we hope you’ll reach out ASAP.

We would love nothing more than to talk about the kitchen project you have upcoming, helping you really hit the ground running with new cabinets that look great, last forever, and are affordable enough for most (while looking a lot more expensive to be sure).

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