Shaker style cabinet is the most popular door style, and it is not going to change anytime soon. The simplicity and beauty of the shaker style door create a great look in any kitchen. The shaker kitchen cabinets have sleek clean lines with very little adornment or ornamentation. This style blends perfectly with a modern-looking kitchen. You can play with the color palette and add steel and glass to make your kitchen cabinets look even more contemporary.

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If you want to get a storage solution for your upcoming kitchen remodel, don't make your choice without considering the classic shaker style. Given their storied past, you might be surprised at how flexible these cabinets have proven to be in a wide variety of modern home designs.

If you need a major visual piece to behave as a transition element between more traditional features and modern ones, look no further. Shaker style cabinets are great at bridging the gap between the old world and the new, allowing you to avoid what may otherwise have been a clashing aesthetic.

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Our selection of shaker cabinets carries on the great tradition of their construction through the years. Finely built from durable materials, your shaker style cabinets will be set for years to come. With that in mind, go into your cabinet purchase well equipped and with a great understanding of what makes shakers unique and beautiful.

The common characteristics of amazing shaker style cabinets include:

  • Unadorned: The basic clean lines of shaker style cabinets can't be mistaken. A style that usually includes a flat panel door along with rail frames, it can take center stage with its modest appeal. They are usually left with a natural wood finish or stained to bring out the beauty of the wood. Your shaker kitchen will be one of the easiest to accent with artwork or accessories. Add detail here and there to change the whole look seasonally or for parties.
  • Built to last: Our shaker cabinets are constructed out of durable hardwood with either 1/2" or 3/8" thickness plywood boxes and smooth dovetail drawers for strong assembly. Most options also use soft-close hardware so that you can enjoy the look of tradition without its loudness.
  • Simplicity: The visual signature of shaker design is its understatement. It is a powerful nod to the importance that the kitchen itself serves as a place for food preparation and family gatherings, or of the bathroom as a place of quiet comfort. Keep everything stored conveniently in the centerpiece of your remodel.


Your kitchen design should be unique. It should reflect your own identity as well as the personality of your home. Kitchen cabinets are usually the single biggest purchase decision in a remodel because they are also the largest new addition to your kitchen.

Since your choice in cabinets plays such a big role in defining the theme of the space, design, and colors available should give you the right options to fit your style.

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One of the biggest factors that can affect the look of your shaker style kitchen cabinets is if you decide on a painted cabinet or a natural wood stain. Natural wood stains allow you to see the intricate wood grains as long as the stain is not too dark. Painted cabinets can provide a cooler appearance and feel for your kitchen. People say that natural wood in your house can be comforting.

The seams are easier to hide when you are dealing with natural wood grains. On the other hand, if you are looking for a kitchen with a cleaner appearance, painted cabinets can provide that for you. Natural wood expansion can cause the paint around the seams on painted doors to crack and chip. That is why some people avoid painted cabinet doors altogether. You can solve this problem, however, by using solid slab cabinets for any painted shaker cabinets you buy.

You will also find many white shaker cabinets or gray shaker style cabinets are painted, to give the kitchen a nice open and light feel, which is popular among people with contemporary homes. In modern kitchens, shaker kitchen cabinets go well modern hardware, stainless steel appliances, and white marble or light-colored stone or granite countertops.


The five-piece frame and panel design and its many variations are the most common way to make a kitchen cabinet door. The center panel can shift around slightly within the four frame pieces. This way, each door is more resistant to the warping that will occur naturally when the wood is exposed to high or low humidity. The other kind of door is made from a single slab of hardwood. The one-piece construction can give the doors a refreshing look.

Well-made solid slab doors can make beautiful kitchen cabinets with doors that are both strong and reassuring. Certain woods like Rubber tree wood are excellent for solid slab doors because they are less susceptible to the warping problems that you get with most hardwoods.


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