Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Timeless Design for Modern Kitchens

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Shaker kitchen cabinets are a stunning, versatile, and timeless addition to any style of home; it’s no wonder they’re America’s most popular kitchen design choice. Shaker cabinets come in a variety of colors, including black, white, and gray shaker cabinets, which have become popular variations of this cabinet style.

Here at Best Online Cabinets, we manufacture an extensive range of shaker cabinets and doors. If you’re looking for a timeless, clean look, we’ve got a variety of beautiful designs that will suit your home and budget.

If there’s a design that immediately catches your attention, you can click to order our low-cost sample doors to get a feel for the shaker style in your own home. However, we appreciate that a new kitchen is a big decision. So we’ve put together some useful knowledge at the bottom of the page that will help you decide if shaker cabinetry is right for you. We’ve even talked about drawbacks with some shaker style cabinet doors that you might not see discussed elsewhere, along with some information about how our unique manufacturing methods overcome these potential issues.

Kitchen with Malibu White Shaker

What are shaker kitchen cabinets?

Shaker style cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts are an attractive kitchen design that combines a flat center panel and square edges with minimal detailing or profiling. This orientation creates a recessed center panel, giving a flat cabinet door more dimension. Generally, shaker kitchen cabinet doors are symmetrical - and they’re usually a simple look, avoiding any carving or ornamentation while maintaining a classic look. White shaker cabinets are some of the most popular - but it’s not uncommon to see stained wood and a wide variety of painted colors too. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with shaker style cabinets, one thing you might consider updating is the knobs or handles to open the kitchen cabinet doors.

Shaker cabinetry is attractive and functional - and it’s this clean simplicity of shaker construction, including recessed panel doors, that’s allowed these designs to fit so well with different fashions through the years, including modern design. From the art-deco-inspired designs of the ‘30s right through to today’s most contemporary high-design kitchens of today, shaker always looks fresh and up-to-date, offering the perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality.

How to Tell It’s a Shaker Cabinet?

A shaker is generally characterized by plain squares and rails (vertical and horizontal edges, respectively) along with a flat panel. If you were to look at the cross-section of a typical shaker cabinet door, you would see something along the lines of a flat panel composing the center of the door surrounded by raised styles.

As you can see, the standard shaker style includes a center recessed flat panel surrounded by a rail door panel with or without some degree of embellishment. In some cases, the recessed flat panel may have a raised center. The most basic shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece with recessed center panel and no accompanying details along the edges.

Shaker Door Constructions

Why are shaker cabinets so popular?

Everyone always mentions shaker cabinets when starting a remodel. Is it the default cabinet style? Shaker style has been the most popular trend for over 100 years for being timeless and versatile in their usage. The simple yet elegant design of shaker wall kitchen cabinets can elevate your kitchen decor to a new level. Moreover, their adaptability allows homeowners to incorporate a variety of drawer bases for added functionality and storage solutions.

Modern shaker style cabinets are particularly versatile in contemporary and transitional kitchen designs, offering a range of finishes to create a contemporary appearance.

Shaker cabinets' popularity can also be attributed to their seamless integration with different styles, whether you're aiming for a modern look or a more traditional kitchen setup.


Shaker cabinets have been popular since the 1850s. This style continues to this day growing in popularity. Even in the year 2024, shaker style doors continue to be used in a multitude of remodeling kitchen cabinet styles including Contemporary, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, and even Farmhouse.


With the simple design, the shaker is easily mixed with a wide variety of materials and colors. They are almost like a blank canvas to mix with other finishes. Wood surfaces, granite or quartz countertop, tile backsplash, and much more. The options seem endless for those wanting to experiment or go for a simple color palette for their kitchen.


Cabinets are not only used in just the kitchen. Many homes incorporate them in places more than the kitchen and bathroom. Walk-in closets, laundry rooms, garages, and even offices of all styles can add modern shaker cabinets to function as storage rooms.

Are Shaker Cabinets High Quality?

Shaker cabinets are made and crafted in both high quality and budget-friendly. These factors are determined by the construction and wood variants used in the assembly of the doors.

RTA cabinets are also a budget-friendly and convenient option for kitchen remodeling. They come with all the pieces needed for self-assembly, making them a practical choice.

Shaker Five-Piece Construction

Five-Piece VS Single-Piece Construction

Generally, a five-piece construction method will be used to make a shaker door; one recessed center panel that's surrounded by a frame made of four separate panels. While this is a sturdy method - it doesn't account for inherent defects or weaknesses in the wood. Wood must be 'stabilized' to prevent expansion or contraction - as well as to deal with any tiny cracks or imperfections. If a lower-quality of wood is used or the stabilization process isn't carried out to the very best standard, the wood may crack, and the joints (or 'seams') between the panels can become obvious. Ensuring quality and durability is crucial in the construction of Shaker doors. Additionally, it is important to note that a five-piece construction may have seams and gaps between the panels, while a one-piece construction may not have these seams. However, for bigger doors, there is a chance that the door may warp over time.

Shaker Cabinet Wood Variants

Not all cabinets use the same type of wood for the shaker kitchen doors and drawer fronts. These materials will vary based on the type of construction. Shakers have commonly used hardwood for the doors such as maple, birch, maple, cherry, and even rubberwood.

To get around this, some manufacturers use different types of wood to create different panels. The trouble is, this can also lead to mismatched colors on the center panel and its surrounding frame - again, not ideal.

Shaker Sample Doors

What can we do to prevent these problems with our shaker style cabinets?

At Best Online Cabinets, we've dedicated a lot of research and development time to making sure the shaker cabinet doors we manufacture keep their perfect finish.

This effort begins by carefully considering how each individual shaker cabinet design will be made - we never use a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

Our unique approach means that some of our doors are made from a single slab of rubberwood. In other cases, we've found that certain designs benefit from the use of high-density fiberboard (HDF) in their construction. Whichever construction method we've opted for - we've done so to make sure that you get beautiful, strong cabinets that will stay looking good for the lifetime of your kitchen, crafted by our skilled craftsmen.

*Our shaker style cabinets that are using one-piece slab door technology: Malibu White Shaker Cabinets, Malibu Grey Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets FAQ

Great Malibu Grey Shaker Cabinets

Are Shaker Style Cabinets Good Quality?

Shaker cabinets are really just a design style - and like most designs, there will be high and low-quality products available that look similar at first glance. Here at Best Online Cabinets, builder-quality and style go hand-in-hand. We carefully select every material we use in the construction of our shaker cabinets - and you'll never find cheap particle-board used in anything we create. Instead, only A-grade plywood, solid wood, or high-quality medium and high-density fiber materials are used - the very same materials you'll find used by the best cabinet makers.

What will shaker style kitchen cabinets look like in your home?

You know you can be confident that our shaker style kitchen cabinets are made to the highest standard and backed up with a customer service promise - but you're perhaps wondering what our shaker kitchen cabinets will look like in your home. Would a natural wood design or a white shaker style door look good in your home? Would solid wood doors be a better option for a shaker cabinet? Perhaps you'd like to try different layouts? We'll provide you with all the info you need about shaker style kitchen cabinets and how they can match your taste and style in your home.

To help you decide, we've got a free kitchen design service; our professional kitchen specialists will show you exactly how our shaker style cabinets could suit your space.

Ready to order our shaker cabinet sample doors for in-home comparison? Click HERE to order Sample!

Shaker White Kitchen

Are Shaker Cabinets in style?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are referred to as timeless. With white shaker, this color and design works in a wide variety of homes. From traditional to even modern construction homes, shaker cabinets are easily incorporated. Since white is a neutral color, it blends with both light and dark tones for paint, countertop, and flooring, making it a popular choice. In addition, the durable construction and high-quality materials ensure that your cabinets will stand the test of time, providing both beauty and functionality for years to come.

Are Shaker Cabinets expensive?

Typically, shaker style kitchen cabinets are among the most cost-effective choices when executing a DIY cabinets project. The simplicity of their design often makes them less expensive than more ornate styles. However, the material and construction quality can influence the price. When comparing other styles and colors, many options of shaker cabinets will be priced lower, making them a wallet-friendly option for those looking to enhance their home's aesthetic on a budget.

How to clean Shaker Cabinets?

Shaker cabinets have the square edge that can attract dust inside the recessed center panel. This can be easily cleaned with a quick swipe using a dust cloth. People will usually worry about white shaker cabinets getting dirty the easiest. You can clean the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with a damp cloth.

Are Shaker Cabinets Modern or Contemporary?

Having sleek and clean lines, Shaker cabinets can fit into both a modern and contemporary home. Contemporary styled kitchens are characterized as having flat panel doors without any raised doors. They have a monochromatic color scheme favoring blacks, white, and grays. These characteristics align with modern kitchens that prefer a modern look and sleek lines. Shaker style is versatile and suitable for various living spaces, including big-city condos and cozy cabins. There are various shaker cabinet styles that offer practicability, charm, elegance, and versatility, making them adaptable to both traditional and modern kitchen designs. These cabinets have a laidback, casual, and functional design that complements any kitchen space. Additionally, their ready-to-assemble feature allows for easy installation, whether one prefers DIY or hiring a contractor. The design of these cabinets seamlessly adapts to different aesthetics, making them an ideal choice for a range of settings, from urban apartments to rustic retreats in the woods.

Are Shaker Cabinets going out of style?

Due to the versatility of shaker style cabinets, they can be used in both traditional homes and modern homes. White, gray, and black shaker cabinets can all blend with a contrasting color countertop and hardwood floor to create a clean sleek kitchen for a modern home. Adding new shaker cabinet doors to existing kitchen cabinetry is also a great option. Despite current trends, white shaker doors will never go out of style. These cabinets possess a timeless aesthetic that blends seamlessly with various kitchen styles, showcasing a balance between modern sophistication and traditional craftsmanship. With RTA shaker cabinets, homeowners can achieve a sleek and contemporary look while also enjoying the warmth and charm typically associated with traditional kitchen designs. This versatility makes them an ideal option for bringing a cohesive and adaptable element to any kitchen decor.

Do shaker cabinets have any problems?

Shaker cabinets might be a simple look - but they're a notorious difficult design to master. As a result, you might hear people talk about issues they've had with the finish quality or the construction of their doors and drawer fronts. Obviously, this isn't ideal - especially since the door is the most prominent part of your kitchen. However, with quality shaker cabinets, these problems, including the type of paint used on the cabinets, can be minimized.

What Colors do Shaker Cabinets Come In?

Shaker cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors, wood stains, and finishes. The popular colors include white, off-white, gray, light gray, dark gray, black, and increasingly, navy. These are chosen based on the kitchen cabinet styles that homeowners theme their homes around, ensuring that there's an option to create a feeling of warmth or a bold statement in the heart of the home.

What happens if you have a problem with one of our shaker kitchen cabinets?

Now we've talked about the great lengths we go to to ensure every shaker style door we produce meets the strictest quality standards, you might think there's nothing that could possibly go wrong - but in truth, this isn't always the case.

Wood is a natural product - and as such, our shaker cabinets can very occasionally be less-than-perfect, no matter how hard we try. Rarely, larger solid wood cabinet doors can warp slightly, leaving them closing awkwardly or appearing to be out-of-line.

Because of this, we back our shaker style cabinets up with customer support promise. If you find that one of your cabinet doors warps or develops an imperfection over time, we'll replace it, completely free of charge.

How does our shaker cabinet kitchen design service work?

If you're ready to see what shaker style doors would look like in your home, our free professional kitchen design service means we can produce a set of stunning 3D images that will bring your new shaker kitchen to life.

We'll start by explaining exactly how you can measure your kitchen space. With these measurements and a little more information from you, we'll put together a layout, item list, and price quote - and of course, you'll be able to see what your shaker style cabinets will look like.

If you love the way your shaker style kitchen looks, your itemized list will make it quick and easy to add everything to your shopping cart - taking you another step closer to having your dream kitchen!


Five Star Customer Support

Are you a professional contractor looking for shaker kitchen cabinets for a customer?

We understand that it's important to be able to manage your customers' expectations - but we know that some suppliers of kitchen cabinets don't do a very good job of communicating with you through the design, order, and shipping process.

Don't worry - at Best Online Cabinets, great service is a priority. We manufacture our shaker kitchen cabinets, so our support team will keep you informed throughout the process. In turn, you can make sure you meet your customer's expectations at every step.

Take advantage of our 5-star customer service and support. Sign up for your professional discount.


Have you received your itemized list and 3D renderings of your shaker style kitchen? If so, you're more than welcome to contact our customer support team to ensure your shopping cart is loaded with the correct items!

When you get in touch with the Best Online Cabinets team, we'll make sure everything's checked off your list, and all your discounts are applied - so you can make your secure payment knowing your kitchen will be perfect when it arrives with you!

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*The doors are made from HDF for Lunar White Shaker and Lunar Grey Shaker

**The doors are made from solid wood for Malibu White Shaker, Malibu Grey Shaker