Shaker kitchen cabinets are a stunning, versatile addition to any style of home; it's no wonder they're America's most popular kitchen design choice.

Here at BestOnlineCabinets, we manufacture an extensive range of shaker cabinets and doors. If you're looking for a timeless, clean look, we've got a variety of beautiful designs that will suit your home and budget.

If there's a design that immediately catches your attention, you can click to order our low-cost sample doors to get a feel for the shaker style in your own home. However, we appreciate that a new kitchen is a big decision. So we've put together some useful knowledge at the bottom of the page that will help you decide if shaker cabinets are right for you. We've even talked about drawbacks with some shaker style cabinet doors that you might not see discussed elsewhere, along with some information about how our unique manufacturing methods overcome these potential issues.

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White Shaker Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts are an attractive kitchen design that combines a flat center panel and square edges with minimal detailing or profiling. Generally, shaker kitchen cabinet doors are symmetrical - and they're usually a simple look, avoiding any carving or ornamentation. White shaker cabinets are some of the most popular - but it's not uncommon to see stained wood and a wide variety of painted colors too.

They say that true style is timeless - and this is most certainly the case with shaker style cabinets. Shaker look doors have been around for hundreds of years, with the name coming from the Shaker religious movement of the mid-1700s. Shaker philosophy centered around the beauty of efficiency and simplicity - hence, their homes combined fine craftsmanship and clean, functional hardware designs.

Shaker cabinets were attractive and functional - and it's this clean simplicity of shaker style that's allowed these designs to fit so well with different fashions through the years. From the art-deco inspired designs of the '30s right through to today's most contemporary high-design kitchens of today, shaker style always looks fresh and up-to-date.


Shaker cabinets are really just a design style - and like most designs, there will be high and low-quality products available that look similar at first glance. Here at BestOnlineCabinets, build-quality and style go hand-in-hand. We carefully select every material we use in the construction of our shaker cabinets - and you'll never find cheap particle-board used in anything we create. Instead, only A-grade plywood, solid wood, or high-quality medium and high-density fiber materials are used - the very same materials you'll find used by the best cabinet makers.


Shaker cabinets might be a simple look - but they're a notorious difficult design to master. As a result, you might hear people talk about issues they've had with the finish quality or the construction of their doors. Obviously, this isn't ideal - especially since the door is the most prominent part of your kitchen.

Why do problems occur with shaker kitchen cabinets?

Most of the issues with shaker cabinets happen because of the nature of the wood that's used to create the doors.

Generally, a five-piece construction method will be used to create a shaker style door; one center panel that's surrounded by a frame made of four separate panels. While this is a sturdy method - it doesn't account for inherent defects or weaknesses in the wood.

Wood must be 'stabilized' to prevent expansion or contraction - as well as dealing with any tiny cracks or imperfections. If a lower-quality of wood is used or the stabilization process isn't carried out to the very best standard, the wood may crack, and the joints (or 'seams') between the panels can become obvious and unsightly - especially when the door is painted.

To get around this, some manufacturers use different types of wood to create the different panels. The trouble is, this can also lead to mismatched colors on the center panel and its surrounding frame - again, not ideal.

Grey Shaker Cabinets

What can we do to prevent these problems with our shaker kitchen cabinets?

At BestOnlineCabinets, we've dedicated a lot of research and development time into making sure the shaker cabinets we manufacture keep their perfect finish.

This effort begins by carefully considering how each individual shaker cabinet design will be made - we never use a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

Our unique approach means that some of our doors are made from a single slab of rubber wood. In other cases, we've found that certain designs benefit from the use of medium/high-density fiberboard in their construction. Whichever construction method we've opted for - we've done so to make sure that you get beautiful, strong cabinets that will stay looking good for the lifetime of your kitchen.

*Our shaker style cabinets that are using one-piece slab door technology: Malibu White Shaker Cabinets, Malibu Grey Shaker Cabinets, Jersey White Shaker Cabinets, Lunar White Shaker Cabinets.


Now we've talked about the great lengths we go to to ensure every shaker style cabinet we produce meets the strictest quality standards, you might think there's nothing that could possibly go wrong - but in truth, this isn't always the case.

Wood is a natural product - and as such, our shaker style cabinets can very occasionally be less-than-perfect, no matter how hard we try. Rarely, larger solid wood cabinet doors can warp slightly, leaving them closing awkwardly or appearing to be out-of-line.

Because of this, we back our shaker kitchen cabinets up with customer support promise. If you find that one of your cabinet doors warps or develops an imperfection over time, we'll replace it, completely free of charge.


Shaker Cabinet Sample Doors

You know you can be confident that our shaker style kitchen cabinets are made to the highest-standard and backed-up with a customer service promise - but you're perhaps wondering what our shaker kitchen cabinets will look like in your home. Would a natural wood design or a white shaker style look good in your home? Perhaps you'd like to try different layouts?

To help you decide, we've got a free kitchen design service; our professional kitchen specialists will show you exactly how our shaker kitchen cabinets could suit your space.

Ready to order our shaker cabinet sample doors for in-home comparison? Click HERE to order Sample!


If you're ready to see what shaker style cabinets would look like in your home, our free professional kitchen design service means we can produce a set of stunning 3D images that will bring your new shaker kitchen to life.

We'll start by explaining exactly how you can measure your kitchen space. With these measurements and a little more information from you, we'll put together a layout, item list, and price quote - and of course, you'll be able to see what your shaker style cabinets will look like.

If you love the way your shaker style kitchen looks, your itemized list will make it quick and easy to add everything to your shopping cart - taking you another step closer to having your dream kitchen!


Are you a professional contractor looking for shaker kitchen cabinets for a customer?

We understand that it's important to be able to manage your customers' expectations - but we know that some suppliers of kitchen cabinets don't do a very good job of communicating with you through the design, order, and shipping process.

Don't worry - at BestOnlineCabinets, great service is a priority. We manufacturer our shaker style cabinets, so our support team will keep you informed throughout the process. In turn, you can make sure you meet your customers' expectations at every step.

Take advantage of our 5-star customer service and support. Sign up for your professional discount here.

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Have you received your itemized list and 3D renderings of your shaker style kitchen? If so, you're more than welcome to get in touch with our customer support team to make sure your shopping cart is loaded with the correct items!

When you get in touch with the Best Online Cabinets team, we'll make sure everything's checked off your list and all your discounts are applied - so you can make your secure payment knowing your kitchen will be perfect when it arrives with you!

Whether you're ready to talk to our design team or just have a few more questions about shaker kitchens, you're welcome to call our friendly and helpful team on 626-614-8975.

*The doors are made from HDF for Jersey White Shaker and Lunar White Shaker Cabinets