Offering quality cabinets is one of our top priorities, and we do our best to protect our shipments. It is always unfortunate when there are shipping damages or manufacturing defects, but we are here to help resolve the issues. There are several types of damages and issues and the following is how it will be handled:

-Missing items:

Our shipments go through multiple rigorous checks and pictures are taken of the shipment right before shipping. It is highly unlikely items will be missing, and if requested, pictures of your shipments will be sent to you. If the pallet(s) does not show any signs of being altered the claimed missing items are shown in the shipment picture, we, unfortunately, cannot replace the item and it will need to be ordered.

-Incorrect items:

If an incorrect item was sent to you, please do not assemble or use the item. Take pictures of the item and the code of the box it came in, email us the pictures, and the correct items will be sent to you along with return labels for the incorrect items.

-Damages to areas that will be covered:

Any damages to areas that will be covered after assembly or install that will not affect the structural integrity of the cabinet are considered acceptable. This normally encompasses: small scratches, dings, or damages to the exterior back panel, exterior side panels, kickboard, and any other covered areas as the back of the cabinets will be against the walls, the sides of the cabinets will be against another cabinet, wall, or covered by a skin panel, and the kickboard will be covered by a toe kick panel. Damages that affect the structural integrity or severe damages that are not acceptable will be replaced, or if you choose to fix and accept the part, you will be reimbursed a percentage of the cabinet cost based on the damage.

-Damages to noticeable areas:

Any damages to areas that would be seen after assembly and install such as the doors, drawer faces, frames, etc will be replaced, but pictures of the damages must be sent before assembling and installing the cabinet.

-Damages to long accessories:

Our long 8 foot accessories are normally meant to be cut. If there are any damages on these items, the damaged portions can be cut off and most of it may still be usable. We will send additional material if the usable pieces are not enough, up to the number of pieces that were damaged. If the full 8-foot piece is needed, it will be replaced. Please note due to the size of some of the larger panels, they are difficult to ship and are more prone to damage, so if they can be cut to smaller sizes, do let us know and we will cut them for you.


Due to the natural properties of solid wood, some larger sized doors may experience warping. Slight warping less than 1/4” is considered acceptable as the hinges can be adjusted to account for us. Any doors that are badly warped will be replaced.

**All damages and pictures must be reported and sent to us before assembling the cabinets, so that replacements can be sent at no charge. If pre-assembled cabinets are ordered, all damage and pictures must be reported and sent before installing.

**All replacements are shipped through UPS Ground. Replacement items normally take 2-3 days to process and prepare and the shipping time will vary based on your location. We do not expedite or overnight any replacements. You have the option to have the replacements expedited, but will need to pay the difference between the UPS Ground and expedited shipping fee.**

**All replacement items will be shipped in one shipment. If you find any damages or issues, take a picture and note which part and cabinet size it is for. After going through the rest of the items and boxes, email us pictures of the issues and list of replacements needed and we will have them all shipped together.

**To expedite the replacement process, please either name the image files the specific damaged part, include a small sticky note or paper in your picture indicates the cabinet size and part, or break down and describe each image in the email. See below examples:

 Damage Request Sample Picture

**For damages to pre-assembled orders, we can only send the replacement part and not an entire new cabinet. We understand for some parts, this may require you to disassemble the cabinet and reassemble in which case you will be reimbursed the price difference between the ready to assemble and pre-assembled price.