How To Measure Your Kitchen

  • Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room. Represent each wall, door, and window.
  • Measure from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Measure each wall section and record it on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a doorway or window.)
  • Measure each door and window; Don’t forget to indicate in which direction each door swings. NOTE: windows and doors are measured from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim.
  • Mark the locations of where the appliances will go, and be sure to record the dimensions of each appliance. Start by measuring the Width, Height, and Depth.
  • Mark on your sketch the exact locations of the sink, water, and gas lines. Also, measure to the center of each and not the edge.
  • Add up all dimensions on each wall and verify that the total is equal to the total wall dimension listed on the chart. (If not, re-measure!) Double-check your work. These measurements must be correct for your new cabinetry to fit correctly.

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April 26, 2022