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Skydiver, ramen eater, music blogger, Saul Bass fan and screen printer. Operating at the intersection of art and mathematics to craft meaningful ideas that endure. My opinions belong to nobody but myself.

What is a Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet? Should you get Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Description and Explanation of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets If you just got interested in updating the storage space of your kitchen or bathroom, it’s pretty unavoidable to hear the words “shaker kitchen cabinets” at some point....

Coolest Kitchen Corner Cabinets

The Kitchen Corner Cabinet Wars of 2018 Recently the Internet was set ablaze by a trending topic close to our hearts: corner cabinets. Popular image hosting sites imgur and 9gag boast communities in the tens...

Top 5 Crazy Celebrity Kitchens You Won’t Believe

Counting Down the 5 Weirdest Celebrity Kitchens 5. Gerard Butler’s Chelsea Loft Kitchen Gerard Butler’s Chelsea duplex in Manhattan starts off our list, after going on the market earlier this year. With a designer clearly inspired...

Advantages of Selecting Shaker Style Cabinets

True Benefits in Remodeling with Shaker Style Your kitchen remodel decision is likely surrounded by and steeped in questions. These questions can range from your style choices (What kitchen look best represents you?), to the...
Wiping-down-the -surface-of-a-wood-cabinet.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Cabinets: Addressing Varying Materials

What you need to do to protect that attractive luster Typically, homeowners belong to a small selection of categories. For instance, they either designed the kitchen with care, selecting everything from the countertops to the...