Kitchen Cabinets Pre-Assembled

Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets come assembled and available right away to install onto the wall. When we assemble the cabinets, we check the items and make sure everything is shipped out is in great condition. Since the cabinets arrive completed you won't need to worry about assembling them incorrectly or any missing items; you will just need to connect them to the wall. Pre-assembled cabinets will save you time and money as you can forego the cost of hiring professional installers. The Basic Kitchen prices for our pre-assembled wood cabinet collections start from $2,156.00 which is about 25% more than our RTA lines.

Best Online Cabinets presents a diverse collection of the top kitchen cabinet door styles on the market, including a variety of wood species, stain colors, and current painted and glazed designs. We strive to provide an uncomplicated and easy ordering process for our valued customers and are constantly searching for modern methods of purchasing.


This type of cabinet is normally superior in quality in terms of materials and construction, and are designed to withstand years of use. They are constructed with industry standard tools and machines, and thereafter assembled by highly-experienced professionals who are experts in their field.

Installation of the cabinets is relatively effortless due to the fact that the parts are already pre-assembled upon delivery. This leads us to the next advantage – there’s a small margin of error when installing the cabinets. Customers can handle these products with ease, regardless of whether or not they have a knack for handiness.


The price tag of this type of cabinet is the most obvious downside for consumers. The pre-assembled option is costlier than its counterpart, as manufacturers must cover the cost of labor involved.

Additionally, the size of the product demands larger and sturdier boxes, which in turn raises the shipping cost. The total price may surprise customers who aren’t aware of the additional materials involved.

Those looking for a quicker delivery of their cabinets are presented with a small selection of pre-assembled products, forcing them to accept merely tolerable options. Ultimately, you may be left with a choice that doesn’t perfectly fit into the vision of your ideal kitchen.

If you would like to assemble our high-quality kitchen cabinets yourself and save some money, please visit RTA Kitchen Cabinets