The Kitchen Corner Cabinet Wars of 2018

Recently the Internet was set ablaze by a trending topic close to our hearts: corner cabinets. Popular image hosting sites imgur and 9gag boast communities in the tens of millions who share pictures ranging from video game memes to cat videos–usually cat videos.

But a few weeks ago, after one user posted the unique solution to corner storage in their own kitchen, an escalating arms race of corner cabinets began to emerge on the hashtag #cornercabinet. It was amazing!

We compiled some of the most popular submissions here for you to check out. These can’t be missed.

This double stacked Lazy Susan sure does have a lot of storage space, but it’s a shame that the door doesn’t automatically recede into the space. Additionally, you’re forced to continue spinning the shelves on their tracks manually: Boooo!

Source: 9gag

Not bad! Great use of space, although a bit of a slow process to get at everything.

While it may seem like a bit of work, this jigsaw puzzle design for the sliding drawers really maximizes the available space from a relatively small entryway for this corner cabinet.

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This is a very cool answer to what would typically be a Lazy Susan configuration. A drawer that slides right out displaying multiple rows of canned goods provides a small and easily accessible pantry right in the heart of the kitchen. We just wonder what happens if one of those cans falls off the shelf and rolls behind the drawer slides…

Revolving corner cabinets provide a ton of storage when drawer access is at a premium. We propose abolishing the term “Lazy Susan” and replacing it with “Spinny Cabinet” like this user did!

This kitchen boasts two wildly different approaches to corner cabinet design. The first featured is by far the coolest of the two, though both appear quite useful.

Source: 9gag

Another revolving Lazy Susan design. We like low height restriction bars that keep all the animals in their cages. Now we only have to be concerned about pans learning to open doors…

Source: 9gag

Very cool and functional design that limits the amount of work you need to do in order to access everything. We also enjoy how easily it shuts.

Source: 9gag

Standing corner cabinet! Yes! And so much access that this could double as a panic room in the event of a home invasion. Double yes!

Source: 9gag

Hah ha! Some of these showoffs weren’t winners. This one is a great example of why having an excellent and thorough kitchen designer on your side is so valuable.

Source: 9gag

This Lazy Susan model is phenomenal in how wonderfully it shuts at the end of its cycle.

Source: 9gag

While this approach doesn’t provide the most optimal use of space, these drawers are to die for. The soft close wings on the front panels have us drooling.

Source: 9gag

These massive whale drawers are a phenomenal use of space, and their revolving design that provides their easy access is terrific.

Source: 9gag

This was the funniest post we found. A user wishing to make a commentary on how absurd all of the corner cabinet posts had become showed off this infinite hallway that their life had seemingly become browsing through all of these corner cabinets.

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