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Unique Backsplash Geometric Tile Patterns

In 2019, one popular trend in interior design is geometric tile unique backsplash patterns; repeating tile patterns found in backsplashes and floors. While other tilework can look dated, repeating shapes can be both timeless...

Forecasted Declining Trends for Kitchen Design Ideas

Many people watch out for forecasted declining trends when designing a brand new kitchen in the home. In the past years, everyone is quick to predict new trends, capitalizing on the energy for the...

Peaceful Fusion: The Asian-style Kitchen

Asian-style kitchen design is characterized by clean and simple lines, floral designs, and wall art. Most Asian-influenced kitchens have light stone tiles, wood elements, and even rocks or pebbles. The overall effect is very...
Remodeling Ideas

Latest Remodeling Trends with European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you want to do a big kitchen renovation or just refresh your space quickly, incorporating the current remodeling trends can help you reinvent your space. While some trends or fads will fade fast...
kitchen island

Kitchen Island Design Do’s and Don’ts When Remodeling Your Home

Kitchen islands are the extension of the regular cabinets. Though the space needed for a kitchen island or peninsula are large, it is versatile in construction and use. There is no one way to...