Monday, December 9, 2019

Get the Farmhouse Kitchen Look

The farmhouse kitchen style has been a popular home design trend for a while now, thanks to design blogs and HGTV personalities like Joanna Gaines championing the look. But what is...

The easiest ways to make a hygge kitchen

What is a hygge kitchen? Imagine a scene where you are reading a book by a warm, open fire, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Next to you is a cup of hot...

Transitional Kitchen Deconstruction

What is a transitional kitchen? All definitions of transitional interior design say it is the space between traditional and contemporary design mixing both worlds.  This sounds like a random hodgepodge but when...

When are cabinet drawers not just drawers?

We think of cabinet drawers as just boxes we can cram our things in… but not all drawers are alike. We can be frustrated by drawers if they don’t serve their purpose...

The Rise of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets have started to rise in popularity. For many years, white kitchens have dominated all over kitchen interior design. They are praised for their simplicity, cleanliness and adding brightness to...

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