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Top 20 Reasons Americans Love Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Who would’ve guessed that shaker kitchen cabinets from minimalistic furnishing ideas from early America would be considered modern in the 21st century? That’s right. The whole idea behind shaker kitchen cabinets and other shaker...

Superior Malibu White Shaker Cabinets

Malibu White Shaker cabinets are a staple color and style for all cabinet companies to have. It is at the forefront of modern styles and expected to remain popular and trending for many years...

BOC Shows the Latest Home Tech From KBIS & IBS 2019

BOC visits and captures the latest tech shown off by various manufacturers and home designers at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year. We include futuristic ways to access cabinets, customize your showers, and even play...

Color Trends for Kitchens 2019

Looking for Color Trends for Kitchens in 2020? We've posted a new article! Click Here As we begin the new year, let’s look at some of the new trends we are seeing from kitchen interior...

Warmth & Neutrality Combined: Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Case Study: Solving Kitchen Design Problems with Gray Shaker Cabinets Our kitchen designers frequently hear a litany of complaints and vague or incredibly detailed issues that homeowners have with their existing kitchens. The vast majority...