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Damian Giannuzio

Damian is an accomplished interior designer and content creator specializing in kitchen renovations. With a background in architecture and a passion for design, Damian brings a unique perspective to his writing. His insightful articles offer readers valuable advice on optimizing their kitchen spaces. When he's not writing, Damian loves experimenting with new recipes and testing them in his beautifully designed kitchen.

7 Reasons Upper Kitchen Cabinets Beat Open Shelving

Should You Install Open Shelving or Upper Kitchen Cabinets? Update: This post was so popular that we had a tremendous amount of feedback when we posted it online--which is great! We know we've struck upon...

Warmth & Neutrality Combined: Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Case Study: Solving Kitchen Design Problems with Gray Shaker Cabinets Our kitchen designers frequently hear a litany of complaints and vague or incredibly detailed issues that homeowners have with their existing kitchens. The vast majority...

Green Kitchen Cabinets: Nearly Formaldehyde Free Plywood

Your Healthy Home Starts with the Best Kitchen Cabinets Maintaining a healthy household relies strongly on compliance with regulation standards for materials used in construction, and your composite wood kitchen cabinets are no exception. The...

15 Must-Have Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets in 2020

Parts and Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets Storage You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Updated 3/20/2020: Dear reader, since this article was originally published we have located additional amazing accessories for your kitchen that you shouldn't miss. If...