Friday, December 6, 2019

The Kitchen Work Triangle

Everyone has heard of the "kitchen work triangle."We can get inspirations from looking at several magazines and websites where appliances are lined up next to each other. However, no real kitchen is...

Minimalism & Maximalism: What’s the difference?

We've heard about minimalism & maximalism, but what exactly do they mean? We have encountered a strange occurrence in interior design trends where polar opposite styles are popular at the same time....

Top 10 improvements to sell your house

If you are going to sell your house, you want it to spear in the best shape possible. Some sites will recommend staging the house with pictures or appetizing scents, but many...

Use Pinterest kitchen ideas to help your remodel

Pinterest is an amalgamation of beautiful pictures and inspirational ideas, even for your kitchen. People use Pinterest for everything from artistic impressions to collecting pictures of their favorite superhero. However, one of...

Kitchen Trends 2020 Predictions

Can people stay ahead of the kitchen trends for 2020? You CAN be a trendsetter in your own home design and be ahead of the fashion curve in interior design.

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