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Walk-In Closets From Famous Movies

Walk-in closets are indicators of luxury and many people dream of having a house with one. In fact, some of the most famous inspirations for these storage spaces come from films from the last...

Transitional Kitchen Deconstruction

What is a transitional kitchen? All definitions of transitional interior design say it is the space between traditional and contemporary design mixing both worlds.  This sounds like a random hodgepodge but when viewing pictures...

Kitchen Trends 2020 Predictions

Can people stay ahead of the kitchen trends for 2020? You CAN be a trendsetter in your own home design and be ahead of the fashion curve in interior design. We can look at several...

7 Feng Shui Tips for your Kitchen Design

Feng Shui exists all around us, even in your home kitchen. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art focused on harmonizing people with their environment. It focuses on balancing elements and allowing Qi to...

When are cabinet drawers not just drawers?

We think of cabinet drawers as just boxes we can cram our things in… but not all drawers are alike. We can be frustrated by drawers if they don’t serve their purpose of holding...