Can people stay ahead of the kitchen trends for 2020? You CAN be a trendsetter in your own home design and be ahead of the fashion curve in interior design.

We can look at several websites and magazines to see their speculation of fads. However, many of these beautiful pictures feature specific marketed merchandise or A-List celebrity budgets to make them “instagrammable.” So how do we know that these are real trends and not just marketing?

The reality is that most fashion rarely comes from companies alone. Trends come from infatuations from specific groups of people that companies hope to capture.

Being ahead of the trend usually means being innovative. However, another foreseeing the next in vogue is asking, “If this is popular now, what is connected thing comes next?”

It’s fun to speculate which design elements are going to be “in.” These are ways to develop your interior style sense to predict future kitchen trends of 2020:

1. Trends going hand-in hand

2020 kitchen trend white kitchen cabinet
photo: The Spurce

One of the biggest trends right now in kitchen interiors is going “black,” as a rebellion from the all-white kitchen. All-white used to dominate in the past few years. However, while it looked great in pictures, white is very high maintenance because it is easy to get dirty.

So now that we know that black is all the rage, what future trend can we deduce from it? We can apply the laws of transference: 

If black kitchens are popular and black is usually seen with gold, then gold will become popular.

Surely enough, many design sites are predicting the popularity of gold as a result of this black color trend. They are applying this to hardware and accents because against the darkness, gold glimmers even more.

2. Alternative designs

2020 kitchen trend black cabinets
photo: Elle Decor

Let’s go back to black because it becomes easier to look at all the variations that come from it.

If you don’t like black but you like the idea of it, you can find alternatives and see what works. Maybe you don’t like black because it is devoid of primary color but you like how dark it is. So, from this, you can explore different types of dark. For example, as a reaction to white Shaker cabinets, black feels extreme because we lose depth details in black cabinets. However, dark gray Shakers are coming into style because you can still see the simple frame design.

The other way to explore dark is to look at other darker textures rather than just color. For example, looking for dark woods turns up with walnut as a leading example of the darkest woods. If you look at interior design examples, walnut is looking to trend in 2020.

Look for aspects of a current trend and match what resonates with that movement. Doing so can lead you to comfortably find alternatives that will become new trends. 

Another place to look is more economic alternatives, not just design alternatives. Marble is definitely in vogue as of this writing, but it is high maintenance and can be cost-prohibitive. However, quartz can have the same appearance of marble, but not the heft, cost, or proclivity to acid etching.

3. Additional uses?

ceramic countertop 2020 kitchen trend
photo: Pusatresap

Current trends in kitchen interior design are leading to stone countertops. They are simple, can be elegant if polished, and have a nice earthy feel. 

So, if we know that stonework is trending on countertops, can they work elsewhere? In a lot of interior design, you want some thread that unifies the whole room. A stone countertop can lead to stone tile floors or backsplashes of a similar hue so you can coordinate the room.

We can speculate the same with materials such as wood and metals, and we can do the same with colors. However, this can only go so far; popularity with ceramic tile backsplashes does not mean ceramic tile countertops are popular. The different uses of surfaces mean this property does not translate well so that is important to keep in mind. 

4. Not be a future trend?

stainless steel 2020 kitchen trend

When expressed outright, this statement seems obvious but at the moment, this idea does not come to mind.

For example, Stainless Steel. For a while, we see this everywhere. We see this in refrigerators, sinks, dishwasher exteriors and small appliances. But when some aspect of design becomes ubiquitous, then it becomes part of the background. Right now, stainless steel is falling out of popularity, because the distinct silver tone is everywhere. However, it’s not because the easy-to-clean surface is not essential, it’s because we see that distinct silver-tone everywhere. This means that other similar silver tones like nickel and chromium are also not going to be as popular.

This is why some of the design forecasts for 2020 are colored appliances, including refrigerators, and even colored cabinets.

5. Everything old is new again

renew 2020 kitchen trend
photo: Which

Trends and fashions are recyclable, whether the look is retro, vintage, or a new take on a classic movement. For 2020, we are seeing colors like orange and lime-green pop-up, which hasn’t been popular since the 1960s. According to the site,, the mod uses nature colors like green, gold, and orange, which are very vibrant. These colors are saturated with rich, bright colors, but not quite bright enough to be fluorescent or neon.

In 2020, people are forecasting that some interior designs will have mixed neutrals with a pop of vibrant color. If you look at the 1960’s mod-based interior design, the color palettes are similar. 

In websites, we see modern versions of familiar TV kitchens like the Brady Bunch with modern interpretations. When you compare this with current interiors using the mod color trend, this reinterpreted Brady Bunch kitchen is currently on-trend.

6. Look where trends intersect

2020 smart kitchen trend
photo: The White Kitchen Company

What happens if you take two newer trends and see where they crossover? This will lead to some interesting results.

One consistent trend in the past two years is the smart kitchen using hi-tech to make the kitchen more convenient. This is everything from smart appliances in the kitchen to devices that make chef techniques readily available like sous vide cooking.

Another trend that has been all over interior design, in general, is the Scandinavian moment of hygge. It’s a trend in interiors to make the room cozier where you can indulge in your space.

So what if you combine “Hi-tech appliances + plus hygge?” What do you get with “Hi-tech hygge?”

These trends don’t seem like they are likely to go together. This is especially since hygge is meant to be more comfortable, slow things down and resistant to distraction and tech. However, comfort and convenience can be interpreted in other ways than the obvious. Comfort and convenience can include products that heat cocoa mugs, dimmers for pendant lights and lights that simulate daylight.

7.The most advanced technique in predicting trends

advanced 2020 kitchen trend
photo: Richelieu

If something is very popular, some people will cling to the exact opposite. No trend is everyone’s taste so once everyone embraces one style, the opposite will be highlighted from being rare.

Should people ignore kitchen trends in 2020? Let’s go back to stainless steel, as an example. While we currently trend away from this, there’s always going to be people that will ONLY buy stainless steel appliances.

If this is you and this is the style that you want in your kitchen, then go for it! Trends can only show what the populace is finding interesting and new. 

But style is personal. And the best way to enjoy your kitchen is to decorate in the way that you love! No matter what 2020 kitchen trend arises, trends will always come and go.

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