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decorating with wood

Decorating ideas with live edge wood and reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a wood that is now reused in a new light. The origin of reclaimed wood can range from barns and fences. When you’re building your dream kitchen, you should...
biophilic kitchen

Biophilic Kitchen Design for Your Home

Designers are using Biophilic Kitchen designs to create rooms knowing how the human body responds to the rhythm of the world and nature.
Shaker kitchen popular colors

Modern Shaker Kitchen Popular Colors and Trends

Shaker cabinets are always an obvious choice, but what color should you choose? Find out which shaker kitchen popular colors are out there.

How to Style Dark vs Light Grey Shaker Cabinets

Grey shaker kitchen cabinets are not only versatile, but can range in tone. From dark to light, there are many ways to style both options.

White Shaker Kitchen Island and Breakfast Bar

Kitchens with center islands or breakfast bars are the ultimate combination of function and style. You’re adding extra workspace and seating that improves the functionality of your kitchen, while also making the...