A Discussion of the Various Colors That Are Popular For Kitchen Cabinets

The use of the color white in the home is ubiquitous because of its classic and bright characteristics. However, recently, there have been various colors that are growing in popularity or are kitchen colors that have been trending since 2017. Painting certain shelves white will emphasize the appeal of an accent color. If a homeowner does not want to commit to colored cabinets, using white cabinets and painting the walls instead would be a good alternative.

Strong colors, as are purple and violets, have grown in prominence in recent years. Big name fashion companies and interior design giants believe that these colors will continue to grow in importance in the next few years. Purple looks good in most settings, and it will give a room a singular visual richness. Because purple receives a lot of attention, using this color means that you will have to be careful of the color and hues of the surrounding decor. Eclectic looks will benefit a lot from this kind of color scheme.



For those who wish to incorporate purple kitchen cabinets in a more curated and modern interior, a cool neutral shade can be used on the remainder of the room. Too much purple can easily become overwhelming. Restraint is a must when incorporating these bright and attractive kitchen cabinets.


Blue is just one of the many important kitchen colors that you can use when designing a kitchen. The use of this color can have a great influence on the atmosphere of a room. Important shades of blue in the home include cyan, navy, robin’s egg, turquoise, and teal. If a homeowner wants to achieve a coastal or nautical look, blue kitchen cabinets are a good alternative. This color is universal, so it can work well even in a country cottage-style kitchen. White is often used as a complementary hue for blue because it helps that color look rejuvenated and energized. One if white’s advantages is that it makes a kitchen look brighter and larger. White kitchen cabinets rarely go out of style or appear dated. In the present day, this color is found in both contemporary and traditional designs.light-blue-costal-kitchen-on-the-water-vacation-beach-home


Even though, many homeowners believe that the use of gray is boring for kitchen cabinets, this is far from the truth. At present, sophisticated gray is one of the most desired neutrals in the world. In recent years, gray has become more prominent. There are warm deep grays that offer both sophistication and style. However, to really experience the spell of gray cabinets in the kitchen, it is best to use textured finishes and trendy patterns that will improve cabinets in a clean, minimal home. Gray can also complement cabinets made of steel or are chrome or silver colored.

The use of orange in kitchen cabinets can make an otherwise dark and boring kitchen more exciting, bright, and playful. With only the use of a single orange cabinet, there will be a significant difference in the appearance of a kitchen. Similar to purple, orange is a color that looks exceptional when used in moderation. Orange can be balanced by combining it with simple grays, whites, and light shades of blue.Kitchen-design-ideas-orange-kitchen-cabinets


Modern kitchen cabinets make use of bright colors to create focal points in a kitchen. A common color scheme used for cabinets is red with white or black countertops. When using this type of color combination it is best to keep the rest of the space simple. To accomplish this, you can have furniture and appliances that use a simple monochromatic color scheme such as black and white. In this case, red cabinets would be a beautiful accent color, and they would add a great modern look. To make a room bold, try mixing cabinet colors. Changing colors throughout a room will provide a unique look to a space and brighten up the area. Other great uses of color include custom glass kitchen cabinet doors.accented-blood-red-countertop-black-kitchen-cabinets-stand-out


Hard wood cabinets can be made of many different types of wood species such as maple, cherry, or honey oak. Colors for staining wood can be found at a home improvement center, but it is important to choose the right shade for the look you want. Colors for maple cabinets include light and dark stains. Based on your choice of kitchen ideas, a cabinet stain will affect a room’s brightness. Lighter shade stains will make a space appear brighter. On the other hand, darker shade stains will remove brightness from a room.stained-kitchen-cabinets-hard-wood-maple-warm-kitchen

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