Correcting the Record on Laminate Cabinets

In some circles, laminate cabinets for the kitchen have gotten a fairly mixed reputation. It isn’t entirely without merit–some processes for creating laminate in the past have produced some low quality products. But the current process using high quality materials can and does turn out beautiful cabinets that endure for years.

white-laminate-kitchen-cabinetsLaminate Cabinets Explained

There are a variety of methods for surfacing kitchen cabinets, with varying quality and effect. The laminating process features highly among these in affordability and material durability. When resin and paper are combined by pressing under intense heat and pressure, the laminate produced can last far longer than thermofoil for example.


There are products on the market that are advertised as simple, DIY self adhesive laminate but the truth is that it’s more of a temporary measure (and more trouble than it’s worth).  Many of these individuals have performed their own laminating, which may be responsible for some perceptions about their poor quality. Some laminates can be quite brittle against the grain of the underlying wood surface, leading to chips or small breaks after laminating. However, when laminating is performed in an industrial setting with specialized equipment, the final product is reliable.

While thermofoil may be cheaper in an immediate sense, the long lasting nature of laminate means that your costs over time will be lowest. With all of the textures, colors, and finishes available it is an extremely desirable option for families looking into affordable and enduring options.

Laminate Cabinets or Wood?

So with all of this said, does laminate clock in as an inferior product to basic wood? Your mileage will obviously vary depending on the final visual you desire: if what you really want is an authentic wood grain with its unmistakable texture, then that can’t be fully reproduced with any surfacing alternatives. If that is the case, then stick with wood. But otherwise…


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