A look at the possibilities for kitchen cabinets

Cabinets control much of the visual space in kitchens. For this reason, it is important that their design matches the elements present in a room. There are two major classifications that are available: American and European. In these classifications, a multitude of different styles for cabinets are available such as raised panels, Shaker style, glass, louvered,  beadboard, thermofoil, melamine, and painted. The most common out of these include the Shaker, raised panel, and thermofoil.

American Style Cabinet Doors

American style cabinet doors are typically constructed out of hardwood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). They contain the most varieties in terms of styles. In addition to these styles, the options are multiplied when the finish is taken into consideration. American style cabinets are usually painted or stained.Raised panel american style cabinets

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

There are quite a few cabinet styles that are similar to raised panel cabinets; many of which only have slight variations of the pronounced structures at the center. While many of these may simply possess a flat surface, some have multiple steps or tiers for a more ornate appearance. Examples of raised cabinets can be typically found with all of the same material finish. Their eyecatching arches and stepped patterns makes them some of the most popular options for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

These cabinet doors are greatly admired because of their versatility. Several species of wood, stains, and paints are popular. Most Shaker style cabinets are made from five pieces of wood, four create a frame while the fifth is used for the center of the door. A common problem with white Shaker style is that the connecting lines can be seen despite the paint. To remedy that, our white Shaker cabinets are constructed from a solid piece of hardwood and are routed out in the center.Grey Shaker Cabinets American Style

Glass Cabinet Doors

The price for this style is high because of the work required to fit a quality glass in a frame; however, this can be a good alternative for various interiors. Glass cabinet doors are especially useful in small kitchens, where depth is lacking. They can also help in terms of decoration, since they provide visibility inside of the cabinets themselves. This option can be used to showcase special hardware, but also for this reason, it must be kept clean. Glass cabinets are usually frosted or clear, and they fit a range of styles.frosted glass door cabinets

Louvered Cabinet Doors

These kitchen doors have a sophisticated style that consists of horizontal wood slats. They are great for small kitchens because the horizontal lines make rooms look wide and more spacious. Gaps between slats also provide ventilation for drying dishes. This design suits homeowners that are searching for a style that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Louvers are more commonly found on doors and window shutters.louvered kitchen cabinets

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

The name of these cabinets comes from its likeness to the paneling style of bed boards. In the past, before plaster and paint were ubiquitous in the market, this material was used to decorate most walls.This style resembles cottage cabinets from the past, and it is suitable for informal interiors like farmhouses. There are some difficult surfaces, like the curve on the central panel, that make cleaning complicated. Beadboard is created through the meshing of “tongue-and-groove” strips. This style of sheets typically use straight and square patterns, so they facilitate the construction of straight cabinet doors.Beadboard kitchen cabinets

European Style Cabinet Doors

Flat cabinet doors are simple and faithful to their name. They have no decorations, except for their hardware, which should be simple to harmonize with the seamless look of modern and contemporary kitchens.They are mostly made of wood, but they can also be composed of materials like MDF, which suits a variety of styles. Unlike American style cabinets, Euro style cabinets only differ in the way they are finished: thermofoil, melamine, and lacquer/paint.

flat panel euro style white gloss
Painted white gloss cabinets

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

These kind of cabinet doors are built from MDF, which are wrapped in plastic coating. They are sealed together through heat. This is a very durable material, but it is also difficult to fix once it has been damaged. In addition to this, these cabinets are not good with the passage of time. Depending on quality, they can discolor in a yellowish hue. The advantages of thermofoil cabinets include the variety of colors, its resistance to staining, and its smooth consistent color, which is “baked” into its vinyl material.

Melamine Cabinet Doorstexture

Similar to thermofoil cabinets, melamine cabinet doors are also typically constructed out of a MDF or plywood base. They are then heat sealed with paper that is bound in a melamine resin. The versatility this process affords is endless when it comes to cabinet appearance. From appealing wooden facades to glossy modern finishes, melamine can provide an excellent contribution to your kitchen’s unique look. Additionally, this style is preferred due to the possibility of textured melamine. Textured melamine gives off a unique look and feel when handling.

Miscellaneous Cabinet Styles

Distressed Cabinet Doors – This kind of cabinet door costs at least 20% more because of the work needed to discolor and stain new cabinets. Rubbing or distressing the material, without causing operational damage, will create a seasoned piece of furniture. The end result is a set of cabinet doors that appears old or antique. Any style of cabinets can be enhanced with this process; however, it is more suitable for homes that have a rustic or traditional design.

Inset Cabinet Doors – This type of door is set inside of the cabinet, and it is a few inches smaller than usual cabinets.This can be an important factor, if someone has a small kitchen and needs every inch of space. Also, this design needs to be constructed very accurately in order to match precisely and function. For this reason, they are expensive; however, they offer people a luxurious and modern design that has stylistic influences in the Georgian and Victorian era.

inset vs overlay

Infographic - Cabinet Style Guide

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