Solid as ever, kitchen countertops remain a durable force

We’ve scoured the world wide web for the current trends of 2017 and decided to do a series on it that included kitchen colors, styles, countertops, appliances, and flooring & sinks. This is the third installment, find the first installment here and second installment here

The world of countertops seem to be as durable as they are – strong and silent, showing little change. Outside of some minor preference growths or declines, it’s primarily been the same ballgame for over a decade, and that’s not a bad thing. The following is a list of where countertops stand in order of current popularity…

1. Quartz

Durable and attractive, quartz features consistent color traits, although no two slabs are alike. It is the in-demand countertop material used in kitchens and its appeal seems to be on an upswing. Despite reports indicating that the market share of quartz has been diminishing in new homes, its overall use has been on the rise – indisputably so.quartz2

2. Granite

As trendy as ever, granite maintains its highly desirable stature. Obviously, it’s been a mainstay for years. Of particular relevance, white granite has become a staple among those who have been decorating their kitchens in white, black or grays. Of particular note, granite was used in more than half of the new homes built in 2015. In fact, the home building AND home buying markets continue to purchase the material regardless of questionable reports that its market share is now decreasing.granite

3. Butcher Block

Despite commanding a relatively minor share of the market percentage, interest in wood countertops is actually growing. Those with strong interest in the culinary arts prefer them, as wood makes great food prep surfaces. In fact, in many kitchens natural stone countertop materials may be used throughout, but it is wood that composes the food prep area. Of all the species, it is American black walnut that is the current favorite among the varieties. Also common are oak, blond maple, and exotics. Additional materials may be used in the same countertop to create some unique compositional patterns.butcher block

4. Concrete

With the rise in popularity industrial style kitchens are experiencing, it’s only natural that concrete countertops would be along for the ride. They’re not close to owning a substantial piece of the market share, but they have been utilized more than ever in the remodels intent on reflecting mountain modern, contemporary, and industrial style kitchens. Cheap and reasonably easy to realize, an increase in the number of do-it-yourselfers are taking on these concrete projects.concrete

5. Marble

Marble’s unique crystalline structure never goes out of style. It is a popular consensus that marble countertop surfaces are timeless, elegant, beautiful and can last for years. Homeowners have learned to make the most of its naturally cool temperature by figuring it into their cooking routines as it is also believed to keep a workspace temperature stable. Of note, it was only a few years ago that marble was considered preferable to granite.marbbbs

6. Mixed Materials

More than ever, it’s a crazy mixed up world we live in and there seems to be a trend reflecting such wild disarray in the kitchen. And yet when tastefully masterminded, kitchen madness can be cohesive and stable. Currently, the standard for ‘mixing it up’ is to use a different surface on your kitchen island than that you do on the countertops. And you can take the concept further of course, by using and mixing multiple materials and colors, thereby coming up with something truly unique and tasteful.

Though those were the most popular options in 2017, a great deal of them are still are fan favorites of remodelers within the US. Take a look at our other related articles for more countertop knowledge:

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