There are several reasons to switch to shaker cabinets in your kitchen.  The first is the quality of style offered by this type of cabinet.  With a simple inset design and a wide selection of colors and finishes, Shaker cabinets offer some of the best-looking cabinets that are also easy to clean and maintain.

With only one piece of inset, Shaker cabinets in your kitchen lend themselves to easy cleaning.  All you need is a mild detergent and a soft cloth.  You do not want to use too much water as that could discolor the finish.  You mix the detergent and water as directed on the label, and then immerse the soft cloth.  You then remove the cloth and wring it almost dry.  You want to eliminate as much water as possible, while still maintaining the moisture needed to remove dust and dirt.

After you have wiped your cabinets clean, which are even easier with shaker cabinets because they have fewer nooks in which dirt collects, then you will want to dry the surface.  You should dry the cabinets with another soft cloth that is absorbent.  You can use cotton dishcloths, but make sure they have a fine weave, to avoid scratching the finish.

The shaker cabinet design lends itself to a wide variety of kitchens.  You can combine them with a butcher block countertop and have a rustic look.  You can also combine them with a modern countertop, such as marble or granite, and they will become an accent to a more contemporary kitchen.