Remodeling your kitchen can be an expensive endeavor, with new cabinets, appliances and accessories.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a local retail establishment, you can choose to purchase your cabinets and accessories at an RTA cabinet store.  RTA stands for “ready to assemble,” which saves you money on labor, overhead and shipping.

The biggest savings from using ready to assemble cabinets comes from being able to do most of the work yourself.  You can still hire a contractor to install you cabinets, but if you are handy and are used to working with wood products, you could do most of the installation.  You will also need several tools to complete the project, most of which are shown on our instructional videos.  Please review these videos before you make the decision on whether or not to hire a contractor for the installation.  Most contractors can install a 10 X 10 kitchen in a single day, but it may take you considerable longer if you are not used to this type of material work.

Another cost savings when ordering from a RTA cabinet store is the shipping costs.  Fully assembled cabinets that are shipped from retail chains come in large packages.  This is because they have to cover the entire surface and you are paying for a lot of empty space during the shipping process.  Our cabinets are shipped packaged flat, so an entire kitchen could fit on a single pallet.  This allows you to get everything delivered at a fraction of the cost, when compared to third party sellers.

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