Purchasing kitchen cabinets online has never been easier.  Our staff of designers is happy to help you with every aspect of your new kitchen.  They can send you sample doors, so you can see what the product will look like in your current kitchen, as well as help you find the right size of cabinets to fit your current spaces.

We use Decotech, a three dimensional modeling software that will show you what your finished kitchen will look like before you order your first piece of hardware.  We can change the color and design of the cabinet doors, adjust the space to add drawers, or show you how different handles will look before they are installed.  This type of service is free to our customers and allows us to help you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

After you have approved the design and are ready to order your cabinets, our designers will help you complete the order.  They are able to ensure that you order the correct number of pieces.  They even help you by making sure you get the right cabinet for the right location.  There is nothing worse than ordering a 30-inch cabinet for a 36-inch space.  This is where our designers give you the most assistance.  They work with the approved design, and order the right cabinets, correct number of handles, and include the right amount of baseboards and end caps to make your kitchen complete.  You may have doubts about ordering your kitchen cabinets online, but our designers make sure you have the same quality of customer service as you would get from a brick and mortar store.