The Proper Way to Care for Your Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It is difficult for many people to understand how to keep their solid wood kitchen cabinets looking shiny and new.  There is a wide variety of cleaning products available, each of which says it is the best solution to dull and dirty cabinets.  There are some home cleaning solutions that will keep your kitchen looking new, and they only take a bit of time and hard work.

The best way to clean solid wood is to use very little water.  Water can cause wood to discolor and could create blotches on the finish of your cabinets.  When you are getting ready to clean your kitchen cabinets, use a mild detergent that also softens the skin.  Wood was once living, and it has the same issues with drying that are associated with human skin.  Cleaners that say to avoid contact with skin may not be the best substance to use on real wood.  It can cause the wood to dry and crack, making your new kitchen look dull after only a few months.

Before you clean your cabinets, you want to make sure you are using a soft cloth that is not abrasive.  Cotton or linen cloths are usually best for solid wood kitchen cabinets.  These cloths can also be used for minor dusting in between your full cleaning schedule.  Make sure you wring most of the water out of the cloth before you apply it to the cabinets.  If you notice that the cabinets are wet after the cleaning, keep a dry cloth on hand to remove the excess water and stop it from discoloring your finish.


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