There are some basic colors that work well with any kitchen design.  The two most common colors that go into an elegant kitchen are black and white, but it can be difficult to keep white cabinets clean, and black countertops show every speck of dust.  The solution to avoiding fingerprints on white cabinets is to have the cabinets black, but then you need a light color countertop for contrast.  While white is ideal, you can also use a light gray or a pastel color with the same level of success.

The trick with having black cabinets is to make sure they are not pure black, but have come level of lighter shadings, to give you a warmer effect.  You also want to keep the door inlays simple, for easy cleaning.  The solution to this would be to install our shaker espresso kitchen cabinets.  The shaker style is a simple square design with an interior square of the door inset slightly from the exterior frame.  The espresso color also gives you the simulation of black, with shadings to help hide dirt and create a warmer feel, than stark black plastic or metal.

Another benefit of ordering our shaker espresso kitchen cabinets is that they are shipped ready to assemble, instead of fully assembled.  This cuts the shipping cost of the cabinets down and allows an entire 10 X 10 kitchen to be delivered on a single pallet.  You also have the benefit of getting cabinets directly from the manufacturer, cutting out a third party and lowering the overall cost of remodeling your entire kitchen.