Throughout the quarantine, many people have dedicated a lot of time towards personal hobbies. The rise of gaming and streaming has led to many high demands and buyouts. Computer graphics cards are extremely expensive and hard to find. With all the hype with gaming and streaming, does it end with just the computer? Can we incorporate this into a kitchen?

Gaming setups typically focus on simplistic, clean, and modern aesthetic. We commonly see that these computers will feature RGB lights that change like a rainbow. The computer, desk, and chair are commonly black or white in color. The chairs typically feature a European race car seat design. 

Now that we know the aesthetic with gaming computer setups, let’s recreate this with kitchen cabinets.

Why would anyone want this in their kitchen?

No, we are not telling people to play computer games in the kitchen. However, kitchens can learn to incorporate ideas to either modernize or simplify the look. There are times where a kitchen has too much going for it and ends up looking too busy. Whether it is the clutter or too many countertop appliances, one may run out of room and space for 

The cabinets

gaming kitchen
photo: Cannibal Kitchen

With a modern clean aesthetic, modern kitchen cabinets fit this image quite well. Much like computer setups, European cabinets are available in white, gray, black, and even a wide variety of finishes. Some of these finishes may include matte and gloss exteriors on the doors. Just like the computer set up, European cabinets feature a clean modern design without any distractions. 

To create a look where no distractions are present, handless kitchen cabinets will be the prime objective. There are two ways to achieve this look: bar handles and push blum tips. Bar handles will attach to the very top of the cabinet door sitting flush under the countertop. A gaming kitchen benefits from the lighting that is present from gaming computer set-ups. Having kitchen handles that do not bounce around the light will highlight the other features of the kitchen

Countertop in a gaming kitchen

gaming kitchen
photo: Dwell

When one looks at a gaming setup, there is no huge color separation visible. This should apply to a gaming kitchen likewise. A dark color countertop should work with grey or black cabinets while white will work with its respective counterpart. Even dark woodgrain options are viable with butcher block. One option not recommended is extremely busy designs. Granite, marble, and certain designs of quartz like Calacatta will stand out too much from the simple and sleek cabinets. with the other features needed to incorporate in a gaming kitchen, one would not want traditional cabinet features to stand out like a sore thumb. This may depend based on the individual. White gloss cabinets may benefit with a Calacatta quartz countertop as there would not be much contrast there. Definitely avoiding excessive designs with the countertop while exploring the other characteristic of this kitchen trend.


gaming kitchen
photo: Construction Review Online

Like other modern kitchen, a gaming kitchen will make use of an undermount stainless steel sink basin. Single or double basins can be available options for the homeowner. This depends based on one’s preferences. Single basin sinks allow larger pots and baking trays to be cleaned easier. Double basin sinks allow multitasking to utilized. Cleaning plates and food prep can be done simultaneously. Unlike other potential trends, no ceramic sinks or farmhouse sinks should be incorporated. Farmhouse sinks typically are focal points as the front basin protrudes from the cabinet front. Most modern kitchens do not want to incorporate features that stand out from the cabinets.


gaming kitchen
photo: Minger LED

As tempting as only using RGB lighting in the kitchen sound, a kitchen functionality needs traditional lighting to brighten the room. Modern kitchens will feature recessed lighting which does not stand out. Some kitchens will feature a chandelier or lamp as the focal point of the kitchen. Modern and contemporary kitchens will not feature a chandelier as the focal point. Multiple recessed lights will be lined to create a minimalistic look. Although most people may want to have RGB lighting on the lights, these will be the primary way of brightening the kitchen. Most smart lightbulbs will have the option to change the light colors. When having guests over or when cooking is being done, keeping white light setting for the smart lightbulbs would be recommended.

RGB Lighting

gaming kitchen
photo: Southam Design

To recreate the RGB lighting found on gaming computer towers and keyboards, RGB light strips can be incorporated into the kitchen in many ways. The 2 most common are under cabinet lighting and over cabinet lighting. As modern kitchen cabinets do not go up to the ceiling, adding lighting on top and underneath wall cabinets will create the lighting most gamers and streamers are familiar with. Having over cabinet lighting is more difficult to achieve and will cost more to set up. There are some customers that prefer to have modern style wall cabinets go up to the ceiling. Different available options

Cable Management

gaming kitchen
photo: Kitchen Magic

A kitchen workspace may be the one room to benefit from cable management. People will typically focus cable management with office space or computer setups. Nobody likes seeing cables everywhere. Cable management helps organize and keep everything where it needs  to go. The less clutter seen, the more clean a modern kitchen looks. This characteristic is present in gaming setups.

How does one pull off cable management in a kitchen? When remodeling a kitchen, installing outlets in locations that best hide visible wiring may be helpful. These may be on the side of an island or tucked away under the wall cabinets not exposing the outlet socket on the wall. This allows for clean full backsplash options without needing to cut an indent for the outlet. Another option are hidden outlets. They will have spring loaded button and will need to be pressed to reveal the sockets. Many people may not like the

Power Track

gaming kitchen
photo: Eubiq

A rail system that is integrated with the backsplash. This is installed when the backsplash is being added in. The power track has slots for multiple types of adaptors that can be inserted anywhere along the rail. To keep the look modern and minimalist, the adaptors can be pulled out of the track and plugged in only when in use. The power track helps hide the look of outlet sockets that many people do not like breaking apart full backsplash options in the kitchen.

This rail can be installed in a wider variety of methods. The most common is high above the backsplash. Power rails can also be installed near the countertop for cables that are not extremely long. This option may be viable for charging appliances not typically found in the kitchen for ease of access. Lastly, for those who do not want to see the metal bar visible, the power track can be installed under the wall cabinet. This may conflict with undercabinet lighting, so one can pick and choose which options they prefer to go with.

Smart Kitchen

gaming kitchen
photo: Metro Self Storage

Although the concept of a smart kitchen is new, smart kitchens will add screens into the kitchen. The two common appliances that can incorporate smart features are microwave hoods or smart refrigerators. They can even go above and beyond to function like a tablet to pull up recipes, browse internet, or even access your phone’s data and information. Smart kitchens are more than just putting high end electronics in the kitchen, its about incorporating a much easier way to accomplish tasks in the kitchen. Gaming setups have options like this via a stream deck to access short cuts at the tap of a button. These smart appliances can do that for your gaming kitchen.

Just because an appliance does not have a screen does not mean it is not a smart appliance. Even a sink faucet can be smart. Without the need to operate handle or switch, some faucets can turn on by motion sensors. Even appliances not found in all kitchens can incorporated in a smart kitchen with them connected to your phone. Smaller homes may have the washer and drying machines near or in the kitchen. All these appliances can be controlled and activated with just your phone. Talk about power at your fingertips.

Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, or Google Home

gaming kitchen
photo: Sunset

What’s better than having a helper at all times? A smart speaker can help out in a wide variety can be your hands-free device in your kitchen without the need to tap on a screen with dirty hands. Depending on certain phone models and home preferences, each person may choose a different smart speaker. Apple users who choose to stick in that specific ecosystem will choose a Apple Homepod. People looking for a more advanced assistant that can pull up complicated searches or shop online by voice command may choose an Amazon Echo. With each year, more smart speakers will evolve and develop with new features.

How helpful are smart speakers in the kitchen? Adding groceries to your shopping list, placing orders with just your voice, or even looking up recipes all without touching your phone. In a kitchen, your hands will typically be kept busy cooking and prepping food. With the addition of smart appliances, these smart speakers can even control these appliances on your command. Need the smart oven to stop cooking while you are washing plates? Technology will continue to improve in kitchens with the additions of voice activated smart speakers.

What not to do in a gaming kitchen

gaming kitchen

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

A gaming kitchen essentially mimics the idea and concept of a smart kitchen where everything can be linked to technology. However there will be people who do not like the aesthetic of a gaming computer setup. The kitchen is a social area where family and friends come together to eat, cook, and interact with one another in person. There are some things that should be left in a gaming setup and not be incorporated into a kitchen. Keep the computer outside of the kitchen.

Gaming chairs should not replace any chairs at a dining room table. These chairs commonly mimic a racing car seat and are meant to sit a person for long periods of time. Many people spend hours of their day sitting on these chairs, so they are designed with features like arm rests to support the user. Arm rests on a dining room chair would limit ease of access and functionality. Yes, they are still chairs, but each chair is designed with a particular purpose in mind.

What downsides are there with a gaming kitchen?

gaming kitchen
photo: Home Designing

For the longest time, shaker kitchen cabinets have been the king of home remodeling projects. It is the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing design many home remodelers choose to go with. Without a doubt white shaker cabinets reign supreme on the popularity charts. Although one can use a white shaker kitchen and incorporate new ideas into an existing kitchen, the distinct look may not be what is intended.  In the long run, white shaker cabinets will be the best option for the long run, but won’t fit the picture for this trend.

Finding furniture that compliments a kitchen like this will not be easy. Interior designers typically find and plan furniture, backsplash, flooring, and lighting all together to have even balance throughout the kitchen. With a very unique combination of features in a gaming kitchen, finding a dining table and chairs may be near impossible. Some ideas that may compliment a gaming kitchen would be a contemporary dining room. A glass ding table and black modern chairs will highlight some of the features of this unique kitchen.

What benefits come with a gaming kitchen?

gaming kitchen
photo: Wave Lights

Although one may cringe from the thought of a “gaming kitchen,” it is theoretically a smart kitchen with some emphasis on the lighting changes. Smart kitchens benefit the most when all appliances, lights, and smart speakers are all connected together and managed by a single phone or voice. The ease of convenience allows the user to fully maximize the use of the kitchen without having to worry about complicated messes, forgetting about timers, and even multi-tasking jobs in a busy room. The additions a gaming kitchen adds can be hidden from plain site to the average person and adjusted by an application when others are not in sight. The future of kitchens may be more than meets the eye.

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