So, you want to remodel your kitchen and take advantage of the substantial savings you receive by ordering your RTA kitchen cabinets direct from the manufacturer. However, you are not sure how many and what sizes of cabinets to order. This guide will walk you through three simple and easy steps for ensuring you order the correct kitchen cabinets online.

Step 1: Compare Styles of Kitchen Cabinets Online

This step is rather straightforward: You browse the available cabinet styles and colors, and select the one you want to use in your kitchen. If you are torn between two or three different cabinet designs and cannot make up your mind, order free door samples of each one. After your door samples arrive at your home or office, use them to see which one works the best with your color scheme, countertop, and other kitchen elements.

Step 2: Measure Your Kitchen to Select the Right Size Kitchen Cabinets Online

Measuring your kitchen is essential to guaranteeing you receive the right size solid wood RTA cabinets. You require a long retractable tape measure and a pencil to complete this step. It is recommended you ask a family member or friend to assist with the measuring process. Review our free online “Cabinet Measurement Checklist” for step by step instructions on what to measure, and useful tips to complete the kitchen measuring process.

You can even print the guide in PDF format(download PDF version), with spaces in between each step for recording your measurements. After you finish your initial measurements, it never hurts to repeat the process and verify your original measurements for accuracy. If you discover discrepancies between the first and second measurements, you might want to ask someone to take the measurements for you a third time and compare their results to yours.

Step 3: Utilize Our Free Design Service to Order Kitchen Cabinets Online

We offer every single customer access to our highly trained and professional kitchen design experts. We have the software, tools, and knowledge to help you create your custom-designed dream kitchen using the solid wood RTA cabinets you like the most. Our design team listens to your input and vision of the kitchen you want to create. Using this information, along with the measurements you completed in Step 2, your kitchen designer creates drawings and 3D renderings depicting how your kitchen will look after the new RTA cabinets are installed.

Our design team works with you until you are fully satisfied with the end result. We are also able to help you choose the right door handles and other kitchen accessories, like range hoods and sinks. Your final kitchen design includes a detailed list of every single cabinet, the model number, and the quantity, as well as a list of all kitchen accessories, door handles, and other items you need to order. Nothing could be simpler or easier than to order the correct solid wood RTA kitchen cabinets online. Start designing your dream kitchen today by calling us at 626-614-8975.

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