Whenever you are looking for discount kitchen cabinets, you want to take some time and explore all of your options to ensure you are betting the best deal. You should shop around and compare the quality of the cabinets.

Some cheaply priced kitchen cabinets are made from lower-quality materials, while other bargain-priced cabinets are made from solid wood. You want to invest in the latter since solid wood cabinets are more durable and last much longer.

Do not limit yourself to local design centers and home improvement stores, as there are great bargains to be found online from cabinet suppliers. It is easy to compare cabinet quality from online suppliers by requesting free door samples. If the online retailer does not offer free door samples, this should be a warning sign you may want to look elsewhere.

Most online retailers will provide complimentary samples because they want your business, and this service is their way of showing you they sell high quality solid wood cabinets.

Another consideration with solid wood kitchen cabinets offered at a discount is whether they are a discontinued design. Discontinued product lines can present some remodeling challenges if there are limited inventories of select cabinets.

However, they might provide substantial savings in cases where you find all of the cabinets you need to remodel your kitchen fully. Discontinued cabinets are not ideal when you have limited funds available and can only remodel part of the kitchen. It is better to look for deals on cabinets that will still be available when you are ready to complete the rest of your kitchen.

Which Costs Less: Preassembled or Ready to Assemble Discount Kitchen Cabinets?

In most cases, ready-to-assemble (RTA) discount kitchen cabinets will cost less than preassembled ones. With preassembled cabinets, someone has to pay labor expenses, and cabinet stores normally pass assembly costs directly to consumers.

Further, if the preassembled cabinets are being shipped directly to your home, your shipping costs are higher, since the cabinets take up much more space on the truck. RTA cabinets, on the other hand, never have any added labor expenses. They also take up less room on trucks, and your shipping costs are much less.

If you lack the skills necessary to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets, you should still take the time to compare costs. For instance, the costs for discounted preassembled cabinets could easily run around $8,000 or more.

On top of the cabinet cost, you still have to pay a contractor to install them in your home. You can find discounts on RTA cabinets where they cost around $2,000 or less. By the time you pay a contractor to assemble and install RTA cabinets, you often end up spending less than the $8,000 or more you would have spent just on preassembled cabinets.

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