Purchasing kitchen cabinets online is slightly different from going to your local retail supplier. Even with the substantial savings, you may find it difficult to buy cabinets without being able to see them first. What we recommend is to visit your local home improvement stores and design centers, first, to get an idea of the different colors, finishes, and styles available on the market. You should obtain quotes from these places to use as a comparison of our prices. Once you have an idea of the styles you like, we offer free sample doors for you to order and have shipped to your home. Our door samples allow you to compare the quality of our cabinets with the other ones you previously viewed.

You should also submit your kitchen measurements and desired cabinet choices to our design team. We offer free design service and use this information to prepare a customized quote, letting you know the exact quantity and size of each cabinet you are going to need to complete your project. After receiving our quote, take and compare it to the quotes you picked up from your local design centers and home improvement stores.

Because we manufacture most of our cabinets here in the United States, and do not source them from other places, we are able to cut out all secondary suppliers, distributors, and other handlers to keep our costs low. When you order your kitchen cabinets online directly from us, you are receiving wholesale prices, with only a small mark up from our production costs, to ensure we provide you with competitive and affordable pricing.

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