Everyone who likes to cook has an idea of their own special dream kitchen in their mind. Getting your idea out of your mind and down on paper is possible when you design your kitchen online using our free service. To start the design process, the first thing you need to do is draw out a map of your kitchen. If you have a small and crowded kitchen, but a large open room elsewhere in the home, you may want to consider converting this room into the kitchen, and turning your current kitchen into a storage pantry or laundry room.

Once you decide where you want your kitchen, measure the length and width of the room in feet. This gives you the total square footage with which you have available to work. Next, measure the length of the walls where you want to install new cabinets. Also measure the height, and include any special crown modeling, windows, appliances, the kitchen sink and range hood, and other items where cabinets will not be installed. You can find free step-by-step instructions for the measuring process on our website, for further details and information.

After you have your measurements, select the style of cabinets you want for your new kitchen. If you have more than one style, that is okay. Now, submit your measurements, along with your preferred cabinet styles, to our design team online. Our professional team of experts reviews your information, checks it for accuracy, and provides you with a detailed list of each type and size of kitchen cabinet you are going to need, as well as your own customized quote. If you selected more than one style of cabinet, you will receive individual quotes. If you have questions, concerns, or need further help completing the measuring process, do not hesitate to contact our design team directly.

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