One thing you need to decide when you are buying clearance kitchen cabinets is whether you are really saving any money. While you might think you are getting a great deal buying the discounted cabinets from a local home supply store, you may still end up paying more because you did not take time to shop around. Before completing your transaction, you should check out our online store and compare our prices. You often discover our prices are much less.

For example, the cost of a standard-sized kitchen at regular prices from a home supply store can easily run around $10,000 just for the cabinets. However, the same basic design is available directly from us at a substantial savings. On average, your cost is around $2,500 for the same exact cabinets. The reason we are able to offer you low prices is because we are the manufacturer, as well as the supplier.

Another thing you need to consider when looking at clearance kitchen cabinets is if it will be easy getting parts if you need them. For example, while your cabinets are being unpacked, you notice a deep scratch on the door. Are you able to call and get a replacement door? On the other hand, what if you decide you want to purchase more of the same style, later on down the road? Is this same model and style going to be available? Most likely, they are not going to be available, because they were on clearance. Luckily for you, both replacement parts and the ability to order more of the same style later are not issue when you buy your cabinets directly from us.

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