It is important you take the time to inspect your shipment of walnut shaker kitchen cabinets after they arrive at your home. The cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty to cover almost all of the hardware on the cabinets. The wood components do include a 3 year limited warranty. Other items may not be covered if they are not reported immediately.

For instance, you should carefully unpack each box and look at each wood panel to ensure it does not have any cosmetic defects from shipping, like scratches, dents, or bad coloring. The reason we ask you to inspect your shipment is many cosmetic defects can be caused during or after the installation of the cabinets, and they are not covered under the warranty.

Further, the installation of our walnut Shaker kitchen cabinets are designed for controlled environments indoors. If you decide to install the cabinets outside in a storage shed, as part of your outdoor patio kitchen, or in another outdoor area, they are not covered under the limited warranty. Extended exposure to direct sunlight causes the wood to fade, warp and shrink. Additionally, exposure to rain, snow, water and moisture frequently causes the wood to rot.

Because we use solid wood to manufacturer all of our cabinets, they have natural wood characteristics which do not affect the design or performance, as long as they are installed correctly. These characteristics include variations in wood grains, colors, knots, black eyes and other such natural wood patterns. Natural variations are common and give your finished kitchen its own unique appearance. To learn more about our limited lifetime cabinet warranty, visit our website, or contact us directly.