Installing new dark cherry wood cabinets does not have to be a major home improvement expense. You can purchase all of the cabinets required for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost, compared to home improvement stores and design centers directly online. By buying at wholesale right from the manufacturer, you cut out all of the secondary handlers that only increase retail costs.

How to Order Online

Ordering dark cherry wood cabinets online is not difficult, as long as you can follow some simple instructions. First, you start by comparing styles and designs. If you are having problems deciding between styles, you may order free sample doors and have them shipped directly to your home. Once you select the one you like the best, the next step is to measure your kitchen. We supply the free template with detailed instructions to complete this step. Then you submit your completed template to our design services team for review. This service is also free and ensures you order the right sizes and models of cabinets. Your completed review includes printed designs, a 3D rendering of your completed kitchen, and a list of every model number of cabinet you need to order.

If no revisions are required, simply submit the list provided with your review to place your order. Once we receive your order, we prepare it for shipment to your home and send you a tracking number with estimated delivery date. You will need to be home when your cabinets arrive, and it is your responsibility for unloading the truck.