One question we frequently get is how long it takes to assemble our RTA kitchen cabinets. The answer to that question depends upon the amount of experience you have putting together cabinets and working with a variety of tools and equipment. Most do-it-yourself people are able to put together their first cabinet in about an hour or less, as long as they took the time and gathered everything they required before they started, reviewed and followed our step-by-step instructions, and watched our free online videos.

It should be mentioned, it may take you slightly longer to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets the first time because you want to go slowly to become familiar with the process. Do not get frustrated if it is taking a few hours to assemble a single cabinet. Wouldn’t you rather have them put together correctly, without damaging them, than rushing and making mistakes? In the event you feel the project is starting to overwhelm you, we are here to help. We can recommend a qualified contractor in your area with experience assembling cabinets.

What if I Am a Contractor?

Contractors normally have more experience than your average DIYer, so it does not take them as long. However, if you have never worked with RTA cabinets before, it can require a little more time to assemble your initial ones. After becoming more familiar and comfortable with the processes, you will be able to assemble more cabinets in a shorter period of time.