You can buy kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices direct from the manufacturer. The savings are normally very substantial compared to purchasing the cabinets from a local or online retail store. The reason the costs are noticeably different is simple: the manufacturer cuts out all secondary handlers, additional markups, and other costs tacked onto the original cost of the cabinets and passed along to consumers by retail stores. Instead, the manufacturer only has a slight markup on the production costs to make the cabinets. No one wants to pay more on their new RTA kitchen cabinets when they are able to purchase discount RTA cabinets from the manufacturer.

Homeowners who like do-it-yourself projects can replace all of their cabinets for a 10 by 10 kitchen for around $2,500 or less. There are even some styles that start out about $1,300. RTA kitchen cabinets are a great option for anyone on a tight budget. You get the kitchen you always wanted, and end up spending far less money on the project.

Why Contractors Should Buy Kitchen Cabinets at Wholesale

The main reason to buy kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices is to lower your project costs. When you are able to bid lower amounts for a kitchen remodeling projects than other contractors, you have a higher chance of getting awarded more jobs. Your customers are still getting the same high quality solid wood cabinets they want, with a lower kitchen remodeling cost. Lower projects costs also mean more word of mouth referrals, and other opportunities to increase your earnings potential and grow your business.

Another reason to purchase kitchen cabinets directly from the manufacturer is getting additional discounts. Manufacturers like repeat customers and tend to offer a discount on the already low prices. Saving a little bit more on ready to assemble cabinets is like a bonus in your pocket. You have the option to pass all, some, or none of the extra discount along to your customers, or charge them the already low regular price, and your additional savings becomes extra earnings for your business.

Why Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets at Wholesale So Affordable?

The outstanding savings you obtain with RTA kitchen cabinets is because the cabinets are not preassembled. It is important to mention you do need to include assembly time into your kitchen remodeling project whether you are a DIY homeowner or a contractor. RTA kitchen cabinets are not difficult to put together, as long as you read and follow the easy assembly instructions and have the right tools to do the work. The amount of time required to put together RTA cabinets depends largely on your skills and abilities. Experienced contractors are normally able to assemble the cabinets and install them in a single day. The same is not always true for the DIY homeowner, and assembling and installing their cabinets could take a few weekends to fully complete.

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