It is common for some people to be misled by the use of the word “wholesale” on various products, including kitchen cabinets. This word can be used loosely by different resellers and retailers to imply a discount off of regular prices. The reason for this misuse has to do with the way different companies interpret the definition of the word. Some simply use it in place of conventional naming methods or percentage off discounts in efforts to draw in a larger number of customers.

In order to accurately and truly reflect an actual wholesale discount, the amount you pay for the commodity has to be substantially lower and often is comparable to what a retailer would pay for a similar item prior to marking it up and reselling it to their customers. For example, if you are looking for new solid wood kitchen cabinets for your home, you may have seen an advertisement from a local home improvement store or design center featuring wholesale prices. However, you need to be a smart shopper and verify you are really getting the best deal possible.

While it does not hurt to go look and check out the latest styles and colors, you should take the time to compare costs with other suppliers of kitchen cabinets, as well as any manufacturers who sell directly to consumers, like us, here at Best Online Cabinets. To give you an example of the difference in prices, your cost for kitchen cabinets from us for a standard 10 by 10 kitchen is normally around $2,500. The same style, even if advertised at wholesale prices from a local retailer, could easily run $10,000 or more.