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Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to Assemble

Ready to assemble cabinets come knocked down in flat boxes. It will be a do it yourself project where you will need to assemble and install all the cabinets yourself. The cabinets are easy to assemble by watching our assembly instruction videos. Buying RTA cabinets and installing it yourself is the most cost efficient way to renovate your kitchen. It is the cheapest way to ship a whole kitchen to your door, and you can get a full kitchen done with real solid wood cabinets starting from $1,800! You may even get additional features like soft-close hinges and tracks for free! Another option is to order the cabinets and hire a professional cabinet installer to install them which will take a few days; you may still save on cost due to the extremely low price of the cabinets. You will see the value of every penny you pay!


Pre-assembled kitchen cabinet comes assembled and ready to install onto the wall. When we assemble the cabinets, we check the items and make sure everything is shipped out is in good condition. Since the cabinets come assembled you will not need to worry about assembling them incorrectly or any missing items; you will just need to connect them to the wall. Assembled cabinets will save you time and money as you can forego the cost of hiring professional installers. Pre-assembled kitchen prices start from $2,250.00 which is about 25% more than ready to assemble cabinets. You will also see some semi-custom pre-assembled lines that are not available at the RTA category.

We are living in a world where people have subscription services to regularly ship candy, shoes, and socks to their homes. You can have all kinds of wacky stuff delivered to your house, and most of the time it is arranged online. It is relatively safe to say that ANYTHING that is sold on this planet is sold somewhere online. And why not? When you shop for things online, you often get a good selection just aren't available at the shop down the street. The internet allows customers and stores to connect in ways they never could before. Sometimes your priority is the variety and convenience that you get from shopping and sometimes your priority is to get the item immediately. It just depends on whether you are looking for a burger for your lunch or remodeling your home.

So in this world where you can go online and order just about anything; isn't it time that there was a right place where you can order kitchen cabinets online? If you are in the early stages of a kitchen or bathroom, remodel you are probably looking for the perfect cabinets that will suit your needs. Your best bet is to go somewhere with a lot of options to choose. Here at BestOnlineCabinets.com you can order kitchen cabinets and shop from a wide variety of choices.

Shop Kitchen Cabinets Online

Our cabinets are all Ready To Assemble (RTA) meaning that they are shipped in boxes and are very easy to assemble. As detailed above, you can certainly choose to have us pre-assemble the cabinets for you before we ship them. When you make your order online, you just need to tell us if you want the cabinets assembled.

The options do not end there. Aside from the dozens of color and texture options, when you order cabinets online, you also get to choose if you want a more traditional American style or the very popular Euro-style cabinets. If you prefer American collections, there are many options give you a choice of simple shaker door or a slightly raised cottage style door by just flipping the center panel over. Similarly, our Euro style kitchen cabinets come with an option to have wall cabinets that swing open in an upward direction like a small garage door.

When you have this many colors, styles, and options available to you online in one convenient location, finding the right kitchen cabinets to order can be easy.