Deciding on what style of cabinets to use for your kitchen remodeling project is important. Most people prefer using solid wood kitchen cabinets, because of their elegance, beauty, and charm. While there are other materials used to make cabinets, they do not provide the same quality or durability found in wood. The reason some people consider pressboard and other such styles is often due to the costs and the differences in prices when they obtain them from their local home improvement store or design center.

However, you do not have to sacrifice quality in order to save money. You are able to find affordable solid wood kitchen cabinets directly from our online store. Our prices provide you substantial savings over the costs found at your local stores. The reason we are able to offer such low prices is because we are also the manufacturer of the cabinets. As a result, we only place a small markup on our production costs, while passing all other savings directly along to our customers.

Another reason our cabinets are less expensive is because they are shipped ready to assemble. Instead of having to pay the excessive shipping costs found with preassembled cabinets, as well as labor expenses, you can keep this money and use it for other purposes, such as upgrading countertops, appliances, or selecting a different style of cabinet. We even supply free design services to ensure you order the right colors, sizes, and styles of cabinets to complete your remodeling project. All of our cabinets include all hardware and parts to put them together, except for mounting screws, handles, and tools.

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