You should take the time to look around for discount RTA kitchen cabinets any time you are considering remodeling your kitchen. This style of cabinets provides you with a substantial savings over preassembled ones. The reason you are able to obtain such a deep discount is because you are not paying the labor costs associated with putting the cabinets together. Further, by purchasing your RTA cabinets direct from the manufacturer, you are able to receive wholesale pricing.

You might wonder exactly how much money you can potentially save by purchasing discount RTA kitchen cabinets. Basic-styled cabinetry for an average-sized kitchen that has already been assembled easily costs around $10,000 or more. The same RTA style, on the other hand, ends up only costing around $2,500, which is roughly a 75 percent savings. With the extra money you save, you could use it to upgrade to a more expensive style, upgrade your appliances, choose a more expensive countertop, or hire a contractor to compete your remodeling project.

The exact number of cabinets you need for your kitchen depends upon the layout and size. For a typical 10 by 10 kitchen, you require 1 one-door one-drawer base cabinet, 1 two-door one-drawer base cabinet, 1 two-door sink base cabinet, 1 one-door two-turn table base Lazy Susan cabinet, 3 one-door wall cabinets, 3 two-door wall cabinets, and 1 one-door diagonal wall corner cabinet in various sizes. Optional items you might require are handles, base finishing panels, and wall finishing panels. Soft-close doors and drawers are already included in the price of your RTA cabinets, for most of the styles.

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