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Contemporary Countertops

Today’s most popular kitchen surfaces When building, redesigning or remodeling a kitchen, what’s a more important consideration than countertops? They’re the first thing people will see; they genuinely set the tone of a kitchen. That’s...

What’s On Your Roof?

How your choice of roofing material may affect your wallet Besides setting the tone for the style of a home, a roof serves much more practical purposes. It protects our property; it keeps us dry....

Refacing your Old Cabinets

          Sometimes you get sick of your current look.  This can happen with you kitchen too.  Unfortunately, your kitchen will probably cost a lot more to replace than your outfit.  For some people...

Avoid Crisis with Your Contractor

You’re finally about to remodel your home. After deliberation, you have determined what you will be able to accomplish on your own, and what will need to be outsourced. That’s when you’re ready to...