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kitchen countertop options

Kitchen Countertop Options to Complement Your Cabinets

Most kitchen remodeling projects include the replacement of the countertop. Countertops get a lot of use in the kitchen so they must be durable but should complement the kitchen design as well. A custom...

20 Fresh Kitchen Design Inspirations from Pinterest

While contemporary kitchen design has been veering away from the monochromatic white kitchen look, we see more appearances of heavily black kitchens, with small accents of slate grey and wood. The kitchen island looks...

How to Install a Pre-hung Door

by Dillon B. (Additional writing by Ryan O.) When installing or replacing a new door in your house, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use a pre-hung door. A Pre-hung door...

How to Install Recessed Can Lighting

By Dillon B. (Additional writing by Ryan O.) Recessed can, or “cannister” lights not only add more brightness to a room but also add a high-end look to your kitchen. This DIY project will involve...

How to remove a popcorn ceiling and change into a smooth ceiling

Popcorn ceilings (or stucco ceilings) used to be a standard in American homes but now give a house a dated look. If you are looking to update your home but want to do this...