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Best Black and White Kitchen Ideas for 2020

Black and white kitchens may seem typical or boring, but they are anything but. True, they are simple as far as the color scheme goes, but there is still a lot of room for...

Best Red and Grey Kitchen Ideas for 2020

Love grey but need a dose of excitement? You can still have your grey kitchen but turn up the heat with bold splashes of red. The contrast works both ways - the grey will...

The Small Living Room Challenge

Making the most of limited space A good designer can make an excellent living out of being deceptive. Not with his business, but rather with his art. He can make a tiny room appear much...

Best Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas for 2020

In the kitchen design world, grey is the new black. Grey is also the new white. Grey is a great neutral that works perfectly well with black, and a combination of black and grey...
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