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Walk-In Closets From Famous Movies

Walk-in closets are indicators of luxury and many people dream of having a house with one. In fact, some of the most famous inspirations for these storage spaces come from films from the last...

How to Keep Your White Kitchen Spotless (NEW Guide Updated in 2020)

All-white kitchens, where the appliances, surfaces, and décor are monochrome, are an everlasting trend in kitchen design showrooms and magazines. White kitchens are minimalist and feel clean when we know that we can see...

A Bathroom’s Layout

Tips for planning the space efficiently If you are planning a remodeling project you likely know how important a good bathroom layout is for your home. If the remodel is going to be successful, it...

How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Home Office

Select Home Office Cabinets for Productivity and Style Your home office can be a place of serenity or high energy productivity--sometimes both depending on how you’re using it. Whether it is your primary (or exclusive!)...

What Is A Wet and Dry Kitchen?

The Need If you’re like most people in the United States, you’ve not heard the term “wet and dry kitchen” frequently. A wet and dry kitchen, simply put, is a kitchen layout that splits the...