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increase your home's value

Increase Your Home’s Value with White Shaker Cabinets

Planning to upgrade your home for resale? Find out ways to increase your home's value.

Top 10 improvements to sell your house

If you are going to sell your house, you want it to spear in the best shape possible. Some sites will recommend staging the house with pictures or appetizing scents, but many buyers will...

How Many to Dine?

Picking the right dining room table You want your dining room to offer comfortable seating, especially for when you have guests. It’s a plus if it is done in style. It’s nice for folks to feel...

Vanities thru the Ages

A brief history of modern baths Certain people tend to look at the bathroom as purely functional. Of course they’ve probably never remodeled one or owned a home. Otherwise they would be aware of how...

How to Install a Pre-hung Door

by Dillon B. (Additional writing by Ryan O.) When installing or replacing a new door in your house, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use a pre-hung door. A Pre-hung door...