In 2019, one popular trend in interior design is geometric tile unique backsplash patterns; repeating tile patterns found in backsplashes and floors. While other tilework can look dated, repeating shapes can be both timeless and fashionable at the same time. However, you might want options more daring or interesting than just checkboard or subway tile layouts for your unique backsplash

These examples are so distinct and original that not all these layouts have names like the herringbone, pinwheel or chevon. Here’s hoping that these unique tile arrangements serve as inspiration for your next backsplash or wall project!

unique backsplash
photo: Decoraid

This beautiful chain of blue and silver interwoven ovals is an outstanding strong detail in this bathroom. The pattern feels sophisticated and intricate and a great alternative to the angular patterns that are commonplace in tiling. Because the pattern is consistent, it brings out the brushstroke textures of the tiles without needing them to be uniform.

When separated, this entire pattern is composed of four shapes. The two that are easy to detect are the silver ovals and a four-pointed diamond with sloped sides. The other two pieces inhabit the negative space between the ovals and diamonds and are mirror images of each other.

Geometric unique backsplash

unique backsplash
photo: Pinterest

This tile set uses equilateral triangles, which are the same length all three sides, to create this interesting pleasing unique backplash pattern. Instead of making smaller triangles, the equilateral triangle is made of equal smaller trapezoids. 

When you expand beyond the details, you can see bigger triangles and even hexagons. This interesting detail can work on both tile walls and tile walls with its classic simplicity.

This green and white backsplash is a fascinating geometric tile pattern to take on distinct angular pieces, but the color creates interesting prominent shapes. This green hue brings out the green in the other items like the pump bottles and the ceramics on the shelf.

However, when you assess the unique backsplash pattern, it’s very similar to the pattern of equilateral triangles split into trapezoids from before. The only difference is that the trapezoid is further split horizontally, with one side painted green, the other white. It shows that you can take an existing template and subdivide it further to create a new custom pattern. These shapes can be the foundation of endless possibilities if you are willing to play with them.

This unique tile is only ONE kind of tile: a fan shape that works in every cardinal direction! The narrow ends are met with two fan heads creating beautiful curve patterns on the wall. The decoration makes this an interesting backdrop without dominating the space without leaving the background a blank white wall.

This pattern complements the nice warm wood of the cabinetry and the marble of the countertop echoes the wall décor. In a way, the solid natural cabinet enhances the background, which in turn enhances the cabinet in a nice harmony.

This unique backsplash pattern of geometric shapes feels elegant, sophisticated and classic. It is composed of white hexagons with a gold outline and black outline outside of that, divided into angled shapes. The gold outline interlinks all the white hexagons, which creates a novel arrangement that feels fresh.

 Looking at this picture, it’s hard to tell if this is a tile pattern for a floor or a wall. However, this seems appropriate for either surface.

Historic unique backsplash

This bathroom is decorated in a historic pattern called Greek key or the Greek meandros (meander) pattern. This swirled print adds both design and structure to a room, emphasizing the hard angles in the space. Several designs can be inspired by historic architecture from ancient cultures from around the world. Many of them relied on the beauty of mathematical shapes to decorate their homes.

The other nice thing about this example is the strategic use of the tiles. Tiles do not have to encase an entire wall or floor. Many tiles, especially in bathrooms, are used as trim or border design, expanding the possibilities of your wall decoration. The best contrast is using two sets of tiles, usually a solid color tile and a patterned motif.

Flat unique backsplash

Many of us think that tiles décor is limited to flat designs on a surface. This example takes it one step further by adding depth to the wall to the unique backsplash. By varying the different thickness of each tile, you get a unique texture that plays with form. The light above can cast shadows from the tiles that protrude, adding more depth to the display. 

The circles in the middle of some of the squares add a nice complex detail to the wall. The wall is such a strong centerpiece of the entire room that everything else needs to match it. This is another case where a strong wall can become the focus and unify the space.

If you want that illusion of depth on your walls or floors, this hollow cube geometric tile design is composed of five different shapes for this effect. The key is the dark lines between the shapes; the bold line serves to heighten the effect. The tiling pattern would look very different if it wasn’t for the angled shapes that trick your eye into perspective.

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