The constantly changing trends… under review

We have been very preoccupied with rounding up all of the new kitchen design trends for 2018. Unquestionably, the kitchen is at the forefront of the modern home. It’s where a statement is truly made, setting the groundwork for the rest of the house. It’s all about cabinetry, appliances and water accessories. It’s never been easier to be ambitious with the popular open floor designs of today, and luxury kitchens are often cited as the primary selling point of a home. Perhaps this is a solid reason why reports have noted that similar houses in the same neighborhood, but with generic kitchens, sell at a substantially lower cost.clean-luxury-kitchen-white-kitchen-cabinets-and-woodOf all home remodeling projects of the past year, 80% of them focused on the kitchen. This and many other related facts were revealed via panels and discussions at the show last week. For instance, transitional and modern style kitchens with specific dominant design references are at a height of popularity. But perhaps the undisputed focus of popularity currently is on the Euro style cabinets. They are making waves as the dominant style choice of the past years. Cabinets are the part of the kitchen that everything else must cater to and work around. Where we make our food is often the center place for family activity obviously, and it needs to serve a series of functions.

More than ever, every detail must count. The insides of cabinets for instance – long ignored – must be just as elegant and impressive as the outside. Perhaps one of the reasons the Euro-style cabinet is currently the dominant choice is its frameless construction.

Additional-drawers-are-now-in-demand-kitchen-cabinet-styles-and-layoutsIt allows for greater storage capacity as well as wider pull out drawers. It’s the absence of a face frame (typically attached to the box front) and center tile (usually between the two doors) that make them much more spacious than their counterparts that feature those components. Besides the unobstructed entry, you also have a sleek appearance to complement the easy access.

Also emerging as a modern mainstay is the addition of extra drawers, now preferred over the old hinged door cabinets. The reason is the inherent increase in space for storage, a necessity for those who insist that every kitchen item have a specific area dedicated to it. Adding to the ultra-modern design, lights turn on systematically as drawers slide out or cabinets are opened, illuminating their interiors for convenient visibility.

And if you are dealing with what is deemed a “luxury kitchen”, only the higher end appliances will suffice. Without them the kitchen would not function – and the quality of their design must be up to par with current technology. In order to maintain a luxurious and modern design, all appliances must be consistently abreast with the latest innovations.

Such cutting-edge products would include the steam/convection oven. With more demand placed on healthy alternatives, it emerges as one of the better ways to cook. Not only does its process manage to retain more of the necessary food nutrients that are often lost in conventional cooking, by all accounts it is more flavorful as well.

A steam-convection-oven-at-work

Of course, the fridge should be the epitome of frontline tech as well. It doesn’t just keep things cold anymore, it serves a variety of functions and solutions and even allows you to store different foods at specific temperatures simultaneously. You even have an option for perfect wine storage.

And, what of the most important appliances of the kitchen? Somehow, they get overlooked and taken for granted, but a kitchen could not function without a faucet and sink. And they have been on the forefront of current design priorities. Since they’re used so often, it is recommended to spend the necessary cost for the best quality possible. When you consider that an average family will use these water appliances twenty to thirty times a day, it makes sense to pay them special attention and surpass all low-lead safety requirements.A-high-end-sink-and-faucet

As you may guess, the ultra-modern kitchen requires a number of components that ensure the latest in hi-tech kitchenware. Almost certainly, it would take research and a variety of suppliers in order to really complete the cohesive package of beauty, efficiency, elegance, and function that clients are looking for in the latest in kitchen design. Islands are replacing the traditional upper and lower cabinets, and larger sinks faucets and accessories dominate the latest designs. Speaking of design, the most popular kitchens right now feature exquisite architectural style. Of course, the kitchen will continue to evolve but its current state certainly seems to be ahead of the curve.