Save Money on Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Projects with DIY Cabinets

DIY cabinets are a great way to help save you money whenever you remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Rather than having to pay more for preassembled cabinets, you receive your new cabinets ready to assemble (RTA). Savings experienced do depend upon the model and style of cabinet. For instance, a basic custom made cabinet style for an average size kitchen can easily cost a minimum of $10,000, if not more. But with ready to assemble custom made cabinets, you end up spending around an average of $2,500. RTA cabinets include all of the required parts, pieces, and hardware needed to put them together, except for door handles, mounting screws, and tools.

It should be pointed out that putting together DIY cabinets is not a task everyone is able to handle. However, you do have several options to determine whether this is something you want to do, or if you want to hire a professional contractor. Here at Best Online Cabinets, we provide free access to step-by-step photo assembly instructions, as well as step-by-step videos. It is worth your time to review these to see what is required to put together your RTA cabinets.

With the amount of savings you receive with RTA cabinets, remember, if you do not believe assembling them is something you are able to do, you are able to hire a contractor and still come out ahead, compared to the prices you would have paid for preassembled cabinets. If you require assistance finding a contractor in your area, just let us know and we will gladly help.