Any time you are looking to buy new kitchen cabinets, you sometimes come across certain terms and do not fully understand what they mean. However, you should take the time to conduct some research and learn their definitions. By having a better understanding, you may discover a more cost-effective method for completing your kitchen remodeling project. For instance, RTA is one abbreviation used to describe cabinets. What RTA stands for is Ready-To-Assemble. This means, when the term is used, that the cabinets are going to have to be put together before they can be installed.

Your initial reaction might be to skip considering RTA kitchen cabinets, and buy preassembled ones, instead. But, this is a common mistake many people make which costs them thousands of dollars. For example, a basic style cabinet for a 10 x 10 kitchen can easily run over $10,000 for preassembled cabinets. The same style in RTA costs a fraction of that cost and averages around $2,500. In addition to the costs of the cabinets, you also have to factor in installation expenses.  With the amount of savings you obtain with RTA cabinets, you are still able to hire a contractor to assemble and install the cabinets and come out ahead.

By taking the time to explore all of your options, including RTA cabinets from us, here at Best Online Cabinets, you are able to find solutions to save you a large amount of money. We will help you with every step of layout planning and the design of your new kitchen for free. As long as you are able to pick up and use a measuring tape and provide us with the correct numbers, we guarantee you will end up with a layout designed to fit your kitchen.

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