Shaker cabinets are a specific design available in a variety of different stains and shades. You are able to find lightly stained finishes, such as white, champagne, and maple, medium stained finishes like walnut and cinnamon, and dark stained finishes including espresso and mahogany. If you are finding it difficult to choose the correct color, you can obtain free design service assistance from us, here at Best Online Cabinets. As long as you are able to use a tape measure and take accurate readings, we are able to help prepare your new kitchen design. In addition, our professional designers are available to help answer any questions and provide consultations any time you need additional support for no additional costs.

The Shaker style of cabinets, which distinguishes the finished product from other styles, is found in the door and drawers. This style features a recessed panel in the door or drawer that blends in with the surrounding raised border. Some styles may give you the flexibility to choose between classic styles and Shaker styles. For example, our champagne-finished kitchen cabinets arrive in the classic style, with a raised door panel in a soft natural birch wood color. To convert this to Shaker style, you simply reverse the center panel before installing the doors and drawers.

With the flexibly in the champagne-finished cabinets, you have the option to mix and match between both classic and Shaker styles in your kitchen. For instance, you could decide to leave the raised door panels on the cabinets installed under your countertop, while converting the cabinets mounted to the walls above to Shaker. Just remember to decide what style you want to use, and in what locations, prior to assembling your cabinets.