The costs to remodel a kitchen with walnut oak cabinets can quickly get out of hand when you do not take the time to plan a budget. Whether the project is one you are doing yourself, or you are a contractor doing the work for one of your customers, there are ways to lower costs and still obtain the dream kitchen you or your customer desires. One way to reduce project costs is to look for high quality walnut oak RTA kitchen cabinets.

Why Should I Use Walnut Oak RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

The main reason to use walnut oak RTA kitchen cabinets is because of the substantial difference in prices between these and similar styles found through other retailers and local design centers. The costs for walnut oak cabinets for a standard 10 by 10 kitchen from a retailer can easily run $10,000 or more, just for the cabinets. The same cabinets in RTA style cost on average $2,000 or less.

Keep in mind, there are additional costs, no matter which type of cabinets you end up purchasing, like wall mounting screws, handles, and shipping charges. Some retailers may not directly add on shipping charges to your quote, but they are still there and have been already included as part of the overall costs for the cabinets. In addition, it costs less to ship RTA cabinets than preassembled ones, because your entire order fits easily onto the truck on a pallet or two, rather than taking up a much larger area on the truck.

To see how much you can save on high quality walnut oak cabinets, visit our website, or call us today for a free quote on RTA kitchen cabinets.

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